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Getting To Know The Best Methods of Commercial Carpet Cleaning

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Want to learn more about the best commercial carpet cleaning methods? Our guide will help you discover them. Should you need professional help, turn to a trustworthy carpet leaning company near you.

Commercial carpet cleaning services offer great results. However, there are those who were unfortunate enough to get unsatisfying results. Did you happen to be one of them? Whichever your case is, let us help you determine the best commercial carpet cleaning method. 

Comparison of Commercial Cleaning Methods

Each method is unique in its own way. As a matter of fact, the cost of carpet cleaning depends on the method being used, not to mention that they also come with advantages and disadvantages. Let us look into the different carpet cleaning methods and answer this frequently asked question, “what is the most effective carpet cleaning method?”

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Steam Carpet Cleaning is also known as hot water extraction. This method uses a machine that sprays a chemical cleaning solution and uses hot water under high pressure. The pressurized water helps extract the solution and remove deeply settled dust and dirt. One of the carpet cleaning tips you can do after this method is to use a vacuum to suck out water from the carpet. 


  • The carpet becomes softer and looks fresh. 
  • Perfect for people with allergies as it helps get rid of 90 % dust and allergens.
  • Required by most carpet cleaning professionals.


  • It requires a longer drying time, which will result in moisture build-up. 
  • Too much moisture can lead to the degradation of the carpet, resulting in the raveling of seams, and delaminated backing.
  • Since this method does not have a moisture barrier, it will shorten the life of your carpet. 

Carpet Cleaning (Dry) Method

This method isn’t completely dry, since a chemical cleaning solution must be sprayed first to moisten your carpet. The cleaning solution forms hard crystals that trap dirt and debris.  After the powder is applied and vacuumed up.  


  • Carpets are ready to use right after cleaning.
  • Remove stains effectively.
  • It has low moisture. 


  • If the process is not administered properly, it can cause yellowing to the carpet. 
  • It can cause powder build-up if not vacuumed well.
  • The powder can cause damage to HVAC systems and will then affect air quality.

Bonnet Cleaning Method

This cleaning method utilizes a specialized machine with an absorbent pad. The machine with the pad moves and runs over the surface of the carpet in a circular motion. The absorbent pad on the machine is used to absorb dirt and moisture from the surface of the carpet. 


  • It has low moisture. 
  • It is a fast carpet cleaning method.


  • Temporary carpet cleaning solution. The carpet gets easily soiled since the process doesn’t go deep in cleaning. 
  • It only removes surface stains and spreads unwanted elements rather than removing them.
  • It doesn’t have anti-soil/anti-stain properties to protect the carpet. 
  • Not only that, but it is not widely recommended by carpet manufacturers.
  • Furthermore, the rotation and heat can wear carpet fibers. 


Encapsulation is also called a foam carpet cleaning method. It is a variation of the old “shampoo method”. It utilizes a specialty foam that expands on the carpet. The foam forms crystals, which then encapsulate the dirt. Afterwards, the dried foam will be vacuumed or brushed out using steam extraction. 


  • This method is eco-friendly and does not require a lot of water. 


  • Due to the build-up of shampoo molecules that haven’t been completely removed, your carpet will start to look dull.
  • The vacuuming function cannot remove the excess moisture from your carpet. 
  • Excess moisture will result in mold growth, which can lead to health problems.

We have covered the best carpet cleaning methods, their advantages, and their disadvantages. Professional carpet cleaning services can be very costly depending on the state of your carpet. In order to keep your carpet clean and in pristine condition, regular carpet cleaning is essential. 

What to do after commercial carpet cleaning?

After the professionals clean your office carpets, what should you do next? To keep your carpets looking great, you need to do daily cleaning tasks on your floors. Commercial cleaning prices are no joke, so you also need to do your part in terms of keeping the carpets tidy. There are a few techniques you can do to keep your floors and carpets fresh and clean.

Here are the best methods for carpet cleaning which will make your carpet look fresh and in great condition, even after commercial carpet cleaning.

Vacuum your carpet regularly

  • Empty the bag of your vacuum. 
  • Adjust the height of the vacuum to its maximum setting and turn it on full power mode. 
  • Adjust the cleaner head until it hugs the carpet, and move it forward. 
  • Don’t rush in cleaning the surface of your carpet, instead, slow down. Moving it quickly across the carpet reduces its suction power. 

Steam Clean your carpet

    • Turn on the regular vacuum before steam cleaning the carpet. 
    • Slowly move forward and backward pass over the same spot. Moving slowly will help the machine to suck up all the moisture. Repeat this process until the water that is sucked into the water tank is clear. 
  • For high-traffic areas, pre-treat with a mild cleaning solution and hot water. Let it sit for 10 minutes.
  • Wait for 12 hours before opening the area to foot traffic.

For Stain Removal

The best method of carpet cleaning for stains or spills is to clean it immediately. The faster you act on spills and stains, the easier it is removed. 

  • Check the type of spills. Different types of spills require specific treatments. You may check online for DIY spot removal. 
  • When working on a spot, don’t soak your carpet with your cleaning solution. Soaking the spot will leave residue through the fibers. Use a quick spritz instead. 
  • Avoid scrubbing the spill, if you do so, you will push the spill even deeper into the carpet. Blot an area using an absorbent cloth from the outside toward the center. Repeat it with fresh clothes as possible. 

Spot cleaning those stains is your best protection to restore the conditions of your carpets. A professional carpet cleaner can help you remove those hard-sticking stains. For instance, at Shiny Carpet Cleaning, we use eco-friendly cleaning products in removing stains and smells from fabrics. Whether it’s pet waste, wine spills, or coffee, we can effectively remove them from your carpets. 

As for molds, it would be best to hire a professional mold damage restoration service to get rid of mold growth in your carpet. Why? Mold poses health risk and experts uses methods to get rid of it without damaging your carpets. 

How to clean office carpet tiles?

Carpet tiles are durable and good for offices. They are easy to install, and cleaning them would be simple as well. You just need to do the proper cleaning method based on the type of fabric. Below are some ideas:

  • Steam cleaning is good for polyester and nylon carpet tiles.
  • Dry carpet cleaning for wool carpets.
  • Carpet tiles can also be cleaned using cool water and detergent.
  • Dry your carpets completely before re-installing them.

When do you consider hiring a professional carpet cleaner? 

Are you on the fence about hiring a local carpet cleaner? For you to better decide, you’d have to know the benefits and setbacks of hiring one. Let’s dig more about that.

Benefits of a carpet cleaner 

  • A cost-efficient way of cleaning your carpets
  • They have the proper tools and experience 
  • Save you time and money from doing this on your own
  • They can effectively remove stains on carpets

Setbacks of a carpet cleaner 

  • The cost of labor

Should you need professional help with your commercial carpet cleaning, you can contact us online. Or, call us at (703) 995-5099. We can give you a free quote, or consultation about your cleaning needs. Visit us on Instagram to see more of our services as well!

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