Area Rug Cleaning Services Springfield.

For thousands of years tradition of rugs need to be treat as they deserve the best care at all. Shiny Carpet Cleaning is providing Best Rug Cleaning Services as thousands of traditions. Also, rug producers recommend for rugs to be hand wash. Technology is grooving more but still, some things need to be treated as old fashion to keep them beautiful. Hand wash rugs might be the old fashion but the most effective and the most secure process. Your rugs will be much shiny and cleaner after the hand wash.

We know rugs are part of your family and you would like to send them generation to generation, that is why Shiny Carpet Cleaning does not use any chemical that is not organic or not made for Oriental/Area rugs and all our staff is trained and professionals.

Your rugs will have longer and shinier life after our hand washes.

Shiny Carpet Cleaning Hand Wash Process.

  1. Pick up the rugs from your location.
  2. If there are some stains might need extra treatment.
  3. Scrub with a special rug shampoo.
  4. Squeegee.
  5. Final rinse.
  6. Apply rug protection.
  7. Take to temperature-controlled drying room. Most important process is the drying process.
  8. We return the rugs completely dry and clean.