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Tile and Grout Cleaning Service

Shiny Carpet Cleaning provides the highest standards of tile and grout cleaning protocol.







About our Tile and Grout Cleaning

Rejuvenate your floors with our deep tile cleaning and expert grout restoration service.

What is Tile and Grout Cleaning?

From baths and kitchens to entryways and patios, tile floors get grimy with dirt, stains, and soap scum that fills grout over time.  Our tile and grout cleaning service removes embedded grime to restore and refresh your tile surfaces and grout lines.

We clean all grout between tiles throughout the home, eliminating discoloration or “dirty” grout appearance. Your floors sparkle like new after we complete the process.

How Does It Work?

Our technician applies a powerful cleaner to grout lines to penetrate and lift dirt and stains before extracting them with specialized tools. Tile surfaces are cleaned by hand to lift residues and restore luster.

Sealing options provide lasting protection for grout and greater stain resistance. Grout color can also be refreshed with our grout painting service.

Why Choose Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Service?

  • Deep grout cleaning and staining
  • Tile scrubbing, restoration, and shine
  • Grout sealing and grout paint options
  • Gentle process won’t damage tile
  • The flooring looks revived and refreshed
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Our technicians are carefully trained to ensure your home or business safe.

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We use approved spray system

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Thorough cleaning to remove biofilms from all surfaces.

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It is not only good for your bottom line, it's the law.

Some Of Our Happy Customers Say

The cleaning crew arrived on time, which was impressive considering I’d only made the appointment that morning. They are really professional and Perfect work. I really highly recommend this place

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Myra Osman

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We have two shag rugs and two large dogs, all have definitely had better days. My husband and I are in our house all the time now and really started to notice how bad of shape the rugs were in. I called Shiny Carpet Cleaning and the guy was super helpful. The whole thing was contactless and at a great price! I would definitely recommend them.

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Maria G.

Yelp Reviews

Awesome customer service and awesome job on the carpets. Tech showed up on time and was very professional. Very reasonable and fair pricing as well. Been using Shiny now for several years. Highly recommended.

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Brian Bullock

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We have been in business since 2006. Over the decade, we have significantly improved our workmanship and have offered meticulous solutions.


Our 100% positive feedback from customers prove that we prioritize customer satisfaction.


By keeping your busy schedule in mind, a special “Same Day” service is provided by our experts.

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We use environmentally friendly materials that are non-toxic; yet, clean the dirt efficiently!


We do not just offer the best services but our estimates are the least expensive that you’ll find in the area!


Our highly-trained staff is insured, licensed and bonded. All our cleaners are highly motivated to offer professional services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Investing in stone and tiles for your kitchen, bathroom, and living area is a great idea because it lifts the curb appeal of your space. There are plenty of stone options for your tile floors and countertops. Any of these stone materials can last for many years with proper tile grout cleaning and maintenance.


Oftentimes, most of our clients call us for our floor tile grout cleaning service because they cannot handle the back pain. Apart from that, they hire us because of our exemplary work in removing all soils, grime, molds, and mildews growing on your tiles.


Call us Shiny Carpet Cleaning if you need professional assistance for your tile grout cleaning.

There are plenty of do-it-yourself cleaning practices which you can try in your home and office. However, effectively cleaning your stone, tiles, and floors can be quite cumbersome and difficult. It takes a professional tile and grout cleaning service to deeply remove all these stains and kill all bacteria.

When you leave your porous grout uncleaned for a week, it turns darker. This is a sign that bacteria, viruses, and stains have penetrated underneath. Your daily scrubbing will do the very little effect in lightening and sanitizing those porous grouts.

Fortunately, our grout cleaning service can truly help you rejuvenate the beauty and cleanliness of your tiles and grout.  Aside from our carpet and rug cleaning service, we also offer porcelain tile cleaning and floor tile grout cleaning services in the area.

Here are the best reasons why it is worthwhile to lean on cleaning experts for your dirty tiles, stones, and grouts.

  • Professionals Can Efficiently Perform Deep Cleaning
    Normal scrubbing on your tiles and grout can never guarantee deep down cleaning action. Our well-trained experts use EPA-approved cleaning solutions and disinfectants that deeply sanitize and kill the pathogens in your tiles and grouts.
    Among our cleaning methods, grout steam cleaning is our best solution. We use pressurized hot water to help loosen and dissolve the hard-sticking grime and stains in those porous and narrow surfaces.
  • Experts Apply Grout Sealants For Enhanced Protection
    Grouts are made from a porous material which is prone to stain and bacterial growth. When molds, mildew, and stains penetrate through the grout, scrubbing will be useless in removing it.
    To protect your grout from dirt and bacteria, our cleaning experts will coat it with a sealant. Over some time, this sealant will wear out, and you can call our experts to re-seal it again.
  • Better Savings with Time
    When dirt and bacteria are collected underneath these porous grouts, your manual scrubbing consumes much time with very minimal effect. You will bend and scrub for hours which will intensely hurt your knees, elbows, and lower back.
    If you try to compare the effects of your DIY tile cleaning and with that of the experts, there is a huge difference with the quality of output. Experts have a way of doing things more effectively and efficiently.
    We have powerful grout cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions that shall make our work highly efficient and aggressive. With us, the pathogens and viruses in your stones, tiles, and grouts will be all gone.
  • Improves the Hygiene and Cleanliness of Your Home
    The floor, tiles, stones, and grouts in your kitchen and bathroom is a good breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. If you undermine the need of cleaning your tiles and grouts, it becomes a focal source of infectious diseases and allergies.
    Shiny Carpet Cleaning will not just lighten your tiles and grout, but will also eliminate the bacteria, molds, and mildews thriving underneath. Our grout steam cleaning process and green cleaning agents will guarantee the eradication of these pathogens.

Book an appointment with us, so you can see how we can completely resolve your floor tile cleaning requirements!

Shiny Carpet Cleaning never do guesswork in our tile cleaning service in Springfield and Washington DC Metropolitan Area. We are licensed and bonded to perform cleaning services for your tiles, stones, floors, grouts, carpets, rugs, and more.

Likewise, we do training daily to ensure we always have updated skills and knowledge for your all-around floor tile cleaning needs. Below are some of the general steps we do for our professional tile and grout cleaning service.

    1. Our technicians will first evaluate your stone tiles to ensure we employ safe and compatible tile cleaning procedures.
    2. Strategize on how to safeguard your fixtures before we start cleaning.
    3. Pre-conditioning stains so that it softens out.
    4. Use a grout steam cleaning method by using pressurized (1300 PSI) hot water (200F) for deep and aggressive cleaning action.
    5. Water removal after cleaning and rinsing your tiles and grouts.
    6. Final inspection with the client before leaving the premises.

Shiny Carpet Cleaning also offers additional services to protect your tiles and grouts from getting easily stained. These optional services include protection and grout sealing.

See how we can effectively brighten and disinfect your tiles and grouts. Call Us!

DIY tile cleaning will never guarantee that your grouts will brighten up again. Professional tile and grout cleaning service is your best choice. We have the experience, training, cleaning equipment, and competent staff to exceed your satisfaction.


Shiny Carpet Cleaning consistently complies with the cleaning protocols imposed by the CDC and EPA. If you are looking for a reputable cleaning service at a fair price, then you can rely on us.

Is it expensive to hire an expert for cleaning your tiles and grouts? Price is highly relevant with quality, so you need to check the inclusions and customer feedback of the company you are eyeing to hire.


Likewise, it is always good if you take advantage of free quotes offered by companies so you can have a rough estimate of the current tile and grout cleaning services cost. The average cost of tile and grout cleaning is $451, or in between $279 to $644.


Meanwhile, tile and grout cleaning cost per square foot is between $0.50 to $3 per square foot. Some companies offer a flat fee per room which is around $300 to $500 and this is for a 150-250 square foot room.


Shiny Carpet Cleaning can give you a free estimate for your tile and grout cleaning needs by calling our hotline. We offer competitive rates that are more economical than the prevailing market prices.


Experience our modernized and powerful tile and grout cleaning service. Call now and schedule an appointment.

How It Works


Book your recurring or one-time disinfection service online with instant confirmation.


Add instructions and pay securely online by debit or credit card. No cash, no worries.


Relax and enjoy. Be the envy of the neighborhood.


Tile & Grout Cleaning can be a energy consuming chore. The first reason is that there isn’t any kind of chemical that can make your tiles & grouts completely clean without scrubbing. After the use of specific chemicals, you need to brush each part of the tile and the grout with a small brush. It might take a couple of days to finish each one of your tiles and the grout between.

Our affordable process will clean your tiles & grout and make them look like brand new. Also, we will sanitize the tiles in addition to tile & grout cleaning service. This is very important especially in the kitchen area where the dropped pieces of food can attract many harmful bacteria for your family. Mopping is just not enough for your tiles to be germ free. Our cleaning equipment can eject hot -200 degrees- water to up to 1300 PSI pressure. This will ensure the sanitation of harmful bacteria while protecting your family. Our process also gives you brand new looking tiles at price like no other.

Give us a call for your tile & grout cleaning needs and we know that you will be happy with our high quality service. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for your tiles, grouts, family and pets. If you are not satisfied we will come back for free to ensure your satisfaction.


  • Analyzing the area to be cleaned.
  • Taking the proper precautions to protect permanent fixtures.
  • Pre-spray the solution which softens the dirt. This process might take up to 20 minutes.
  • Clean and detail the tiles with high pressured (1300 PSI) high temperature (200F) water extraction with our specialized tile & grout machine.
  • Dry and suck up the remaining water on the tiles.
  • Last check with the customer to provide complete satisfaction.


  • Protection
  • Sealing for preserving the new, clean condition of the tile & grout.

On the other hand, we at Shiny Carpet Cleaning can provide you with our commercial carpet cleaning price list by calling our hotline. Our commercial carpet cleaning cost estimator is highly reliable and reasonable, so you can easily avail of our services without breaking a bank.