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The way you maintain your commercial space directly reflects the credibility of your business. Carpets play a vital role in creating a positive impression on your clients. Clean carpets make your space feel more fresh thus increasing the productivity of the employees in the space. So, whenever you feel the need that your commercial carpets should get cleaned up, reach out to our long time experienced business anytime. We take pride in being able to provide you with the finest commercial carpet cleaning services since 2006. We are the best and the most reliable commercial carpet cleaning company in Northern Virginia. As Shiny Carpet Cleaning, we understand and pay attention to the importance of your carpets. This is how we are able to provide detailed service for our clients. We always focus on using the best techniques and applying the highest quality products.

Delivering the best quality at affordable rates is our style of service. Throughout the years, we have never failed in cleaning your commercial carpets with state of the art techniques. Our efficiency is why we are able to provide such consistent results with guaranteed results.

As a 5 star rated local cleaning service provider, we use pet-friendly cleaning solutions. The products we use are products which guarantees the removal of all germs and allergens. With our deep commercial cleaning, the beauty of your carpets will emerge from beneath the layers of dirt and dust.

We also have experience in office carpet cleaning. With our agile crew, we are able to easily clean the carpets in your Commercial Office space.

If you order for the removal of stains, foul smell, pet hairs, and water damages, we shall include that in our rug cleaning area service in Northern Virginia and Washington DC Metropolitan Area.

Give us a call to hire our expert commercial carpet cleaners. We will give you a free estimate before hiring our services.

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Our technicians are carefully trained to ensure your home or business safe.

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Thorough cleaning to remove biofilms from all surfaces.

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It is not only good for your bottom line, it's the law.

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The cleaning crew arrived on time, which was impressive considering I’d only made the appointment that morning. They are really professional and Perfect work. I really highly recommend this place

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Myra Osman

Google Reviews

We have two shag rugs and two large dogs, all have definitely had better days. My husband and I are in our house all the time now and really started to notice how bad of shape the rugs were in. I called Shiny Carpet Cleaning and the guy was super helpful. The whole thing was contactless and at a great price! I would definitely recommend them.

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Maria G.

Yelp Reviews

Awesome customer service and awesome job on the carpets. Tech showed up on time and was very professional. Very reasonable and fair pricing as well. Been using Shiny now for several years. Highly recommended.

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Brian Bullock

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We have been in business since 2006. Over the decade, we have significantly improved our workmanship and have offered meticulous solutions.


Our 100% positive feedback from customers prove that we prioritize customer satisfaction.


By keeping your busy schedule in mind, a special “Same Day” service is provided by our experts.

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We use environmentally friendly materials that are non-toxic; yet, clean the dirt efficiently!


We do not just offer the best services but our estimates are the least expensive that you’ll find in the area!


Our highly-trained staff is insured, licensed and bonded. All our cleaners are highly motivated to offer professional services.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can help mitigate the spread of viruses and bacteria when you keep your place clean and disinfected. The carpets in your office and building are constantly exposed to dust, moisture, and dirt which makes it a good breeding ground for infectious diseases and pathogens.


In Northern Virginia, you can rely on us Shiny Carpet Cleaning for your adaptive commercial carpet cleaning service. No matter how busy your schedules are, we shall find a way to efficiently clean your soiled carpets without interrupting your operations.

Commercial carpet cleaning works similarly to our residential carpet cleaning services. The main difference lies in the equipment we are using because we are going to use industrial-grade cleaning machines for the job.


Whether you have a 4x6, 5x8, or 20x20 carpet in your workplace, Shiny Carpet Cleaning can efficiently steam clean it with ease. Our seasoned carpet cleaning specialists have the right experience to effectively resolve the stains and grime in your lucrative carpets.


We only use eco-friendly cleaning solutions and pre-conditioners to thoroughly dissolve all soils and dirt sticking in those carpet fibers. Likewise, we only EPA-approved disinfectants to safely kill the bacteria and viruses in your low- or high-pile carpets.


In terms of adaptive carpet cleaning methods, we offer various types such as carpet steam cleaning, encapsulation, dry cleaning, bonnet cleaning, and carpet shampooing. Our carpet cleaning experts shall explain to you what is the best method to apply, once they are done inspecting your carpets.


Here are the general steps we do for our commercial carpet cleaning service in the Greater DMV Area.

  • Full inspection of the carpet’s initial condition together with the client
  • Spraying or immersing the entire carpet with pre-conditioner to soften the stains and grime
  • Applying pressurized hot water to the carpet with counter-rotary brush swirling around the fibers for a deep-down cleaning process
  • Applying deodorizer and disinfectant to kill infectious viruses and bacteria
  • Drying the carpet using a wet vacuum and large fans
  • Final inspection together with the client


Additional Services:

  • Odor removal
  • Stain removal
  • Treatment of fleas and tick
  • Dark edge cleaning
  • Red Sot Removal
  • Coffee Stain Removal
  • Scotch Guard Carpet Protection


The carpet cleaning process will have a slight variation depending on which carpet cleaning method was applied. Likewise, we have additional services which you can avail in case it direly needs to bring back the beauty and sanitation of your carpets.


Are you still looking for the best commercial carpet cleaning service near me? Contact us Shiny Carpet Cleaning for your free estimates and booking.

To make our office carpet cleaning service highly efficient and feasible, we only use the best and most durable commercial carpet cleaning machine. Some of the industrial-grade cleaning equipment we use for carpet cleaning include:


  • Portable and compact carpet extractors - This heavy-duty machine is geared towards effective cleaning for your heavily soiled carpets. Typically, it has a dual 3-stage vacuum motor to provide a water-saving carpet cleaning action.
  • Air Movers - This machine is used for aggressive ventilation and drying process. It can be used for water damage restoration and carpet or floor drying. It can have a two-speed setting and stackable design for easier storage and setup.
  • Rotary Extractors - It is a heavy-duty carpet cleaner and drier which provides 700 to 1400 passes per minute. It has a multi-directional cleaning action and can deliver around 400-800 PSI.
  • Truck Mounts - This machine is used to heat the water inside your truck that will be used for carpet cleaning. Likewise, it can pressurize this hot water up to 1200 PSI to make sure it deeply penetrates through your carpets.
  • Wands and Stair Tools - Heavy-duty cleaning wands designed to pair with the high-power truck mounts. It has a laminar airflow design to ensure pressurized water is effortlessly transported towards your carpet.
  • Counter-rotary brush (CRB) - This innovative machine is designed to clean around 2500 to 4000 square feet of carpet per hour. Some models provide a direct-to-pad cleaning solution injection, thus, no more spraying.
  • Upholstery cleaning - These are additional tools and accessories we use to efficiently clean and remove dust and grime in your upholstery and sofas.

Hoses and accessories - Durable water hose that can withstand around 250 F water with a pressure of 3000 PSI. This is great for our carpet steam cleaning process.

According to the Carpet and Rug Institute, the average time you need to have your carpets professionally cleaned is every 12 to 18 months. However, this can be changed depending on the foot traffic and situation of your workplace. For those offices and workplaces with very high foot traffic and heavier dirt accumulation, a commercial carpet cleaning every 6 to 12 months would be ideal.

Based on market research, customers say they usually pay around $121 to $233 for an average cost for commercial carpet cleaning. However, there are more factors to be considered in determining the cost of a professional carpet cleaning service. These factors include area, additional service, and presence of stains and smell.

So far, we at Shiny Carpet Cleaning can provide you with our commercial carpet cleaning price list by calling our hotline. Our commercial carpet cleaning cost estimator is highly reliable and reasonable, so you can easily avail of our services without breaking a bank.

Shiny Carpet Cleaning provides a fair price for your commercial carpet cleaning service in Northern Virginia and Washington DC Metropolitan Area. Our years of experience and dedication to serving goes beyond ten years already.


We are licensed and bonded to clean all your carpets and upholstery without the worries of discoloration and making a hole in your pocket. Call Now to Get Your Free Estimates or Schedule Appointments.

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