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How Much Does Professional Upholstery Cleaning Cost? 2022 Latest Prices

upholstery cleaning cost
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If you are hoping to get your furniture looking good as new, you should find a great upholstery cleaning company. You are probably wondering “How much does upholstery cleaning cost?”

Upholstery cleaning costs can range in prices depending on what type of upholstery you need cleaned and how large the furniture is. A quick upholstery cleaning price list looks something like this:

  • Recliner or armchair = $30 to $40
  • Love Seat = $40 to $50
  • Small couch = $60 to $70
  • Full Sofa = $100 to $200

These figures show you what you can expect to pay for professional upholstery cleaning costs, but they don’t tell the whole story of what you will end up paying. There are lots more facts to understand about the cost for upholstery cleaning, so you should read this helpful guide to learn all you can.

Why Choose Upholstery Cleaning?

Upholstery cleaning service

Having your beloved furniture’s upholstery cleaned by professionals will help it to last for many more years looking almost new. You paid good money for your furniture, and you should do your best to preserve it so that you can enjoy it for as long as possible.

Furniture that does not get regular upholstery cleaning will have to be thrown away much too soon in its lifecycle. Furniture is bulky and takes up a lot of space in a landfill after you are done with it, so it is important to keep it in good shape for as long as you can.

Upholstery cleaning will make your furniture look so good that you will forget how old it is. It will get rid of all kinds of stains and odors so that you can always feel good using your furniture and looking at it to decorate your home. 

Will Upholstery Cleaners Come to My Home?

female maid cleaning the sofa

Many upholstery cleaners make house calls because they understand that it is not easy to lug a giant couch in to be cleaned. They have mobile equipment that can be used in your home and do a wonderful job of getting your upholstery clean.

For smaller items, like a chair, the upholstery cleaner near you might even offer a discount if you bring the item into their shop. They will be saving time and resources by not having to travel to you, so you should get a discount in this case.

Professional upholstery cleaners are competent in performing their duties in your house in a safe and efficient manner. They will know exactly how to deal with your furniture and will be courteous to your home so that nothing is damaged while they are working.

What Is Included With Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning with steam

The typical upholstery cleaning service starts with an inspection of the furniture to see the best methods for cleaning. Cleaners need to use the right techniques based on the condition of your furniture.

The first part of cleaning is applying a heated cleaning solution to the upholstery that starts to loosen up any dirt or debris that is stuck in there. A professional cleaner uses special methods that don’t get the furniture too wet so it has an easy time drying.

Then the upholstery gets a good rinsing down with the upholstery cleaning want that sucks up moisture at the same time it is applied. This gets all of the loosened up dirt to come out so that the upholstery is left clean and beautiful.

Protective Solutions

cleaning supplies being hold by a maid

Many professional upholstery cleaners will offer to add a stain blocking solution for an additional fee. The fee is usually small, something in the $20 to $30 range.

These protective solutions to a fantastic job of preventing damage that would require another visit by the upholstery cleaner. Some upholstery cleaning companies would rather you not choose to add the protective solution and hope you will be calling them again soon.

The protective solutions also help the fabric keep its color longer by blocking out rays from the sun. This will help to keep your furniture looking new for many more years than it would otherwise.

Which Stains Can Be Removed

stain on sofa

A spill on a nice piece of furniture does not have to ruin it, professional upholstery cleaners can get rid of most stains with the right information. It is important that you tell your upholstery cleaning service what caused the stain and when it happened.

The sooner that you act to remove a stain the better. You can help by blotting up anything that falls onto your furniture, try not to rub stains because  that can actually make them stick further into the upholstery fibers. 

Some companies can charge extra for difficult stains, the fee should be in the $20 range. But for easy to remove stains the removal should be included with the normal upholstery cleaning fee. 

Steam Cleaning Couch Cost

Steam cleaning on sofa

Having a steam cleaning for a couches upholstery is one of the preferred methods offered by many upholstery cleaning services. This method involves using a special machine that lifts dirt out of a couches fibers with a steam and vacuum wand.

You may think of renting a steam cleaning machine and do the job yourself. This can cost $40 to $60 for a full day rental which includes the shampoo and any materials you need.

It can be tricky for a first timer to steam clean a couch and the danger is that you can burn the upholstery and cause more damage. For a little bit more money, it is a lot easier to let the professionals take care of steam cleaning your couch.

How Often To Have Upholstery Cleaning Done

Upholstery cleaning with vacuum

The frequency of upholstery cleaning you need will depend a lot on your lifestyle. If you live alone you will have different needs than if you have pets and children in your house.

A single person or couple can be comfortable with one upholstery cleaning per year. This will keep your furniture looking and smelling great.

If you have children or pets but not both, two times a year should be sufficient to keep you home looking good. If you have children and pets together, you may need to clean your upholstery three or four times per year because of all of the use it will see.

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