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What Are Average Carpet Cleaning Prices: 2022 Cost Guide

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If you are considering having a professional carpet cleaning, the first question that probably comes to mind is about the carpet cleaning cost. It is good to know the average cost of carpet cleaning so that you pay the right price for a quality service.

Carpet cleaning prices can depend on a few different factors, so understanding what you need will help you estimate the cost of carpet cleaning. One thing to know is that a true professional carpet cleaning cost will be easy to understand and won’t employ any tricks.

So how much does carpet cleaning cost in 2022 exactly? We are going to help you figure out not only the average carpet cleaning cost, but let you know some factors that might make your carpet cleaning cost go up or down.

Average Carpet Cleaning Price Range in 2022

Based on the industry’s average, your standard carpet cleaning cost is between $123 to $250, and most homeowners pay around $175. If you want to know the exact or a more accurate price for your carpet cleaning needs, it’s best to ask for a free estimate from a carpet cleaning service provider.

Moreover, the price can vary depending on the company and your location. Be sure to ask as well if what they’re giving is a binding or non-binding estimate.

A binding estimate is more reliable since you are confident that the price is fixed. A non-binding estimate can change if the carpet cleaner discovers unforeseen circumstances in your home.

Variables Influencing Price of Carpet Cleaning

From the standard quote given by your cleaning company, additional work can boost your bill, so you need to know the factors impacting the overall carpet cleaning cost.

Type of Carpet

Carpets are made from different materials like nylon, polyester, wool, cotton, and olefin. Each material has its respective trait which affects the carpet cleaning process.

The harder your carpet fabric is to clean, the higher the price will be.

  • Cotton and wool: It’s the most luxurious and expensive carpet material in the market and it’s also the most challenging to clean. The price for cleaning these carpets is between $110 to $160.
  • Cut and level loop: It’s a mid-range carpet material. The typical price for cleaning this type of carpet is $75 to $120.
  • Berber: its carpet cleaning cost is $80 to $100.

Carpet Cleaning for Apartments

Meanwhile, the average price for carpet cleaning in apartments is between $30 to $80 per room. The price can change depending on what floor you are on because it will affect the difficulty of transporting the equipment to your home.


The average additional price for cleaning carpeted stairs is $2 to $3 for every step. Most local cleaners will place this on a separate fee, excluded from your overall square footage.

Stains Present

There are instances where your carpets are stained due to spilled drinks, food, or pet accidents. If you need stain removal service, its added costs range from $40 to $300. 

Moving Furniture 

If your place hasn’t been prepared for the local carpet cleaners, then they usually charge for moving your tables, sofas, and chairs. The usual rate is $20 to $50 per hour per employee.

Local Carpet Cleaning Price Per Square Foot

A professional carpet cleaning company can charge you either per hour per individual or based on your square footage. The latter is more cost-efficient which makes it a go-to choice for homeowners and commercial establishments. 

The average price per square foot for carpet cleaning ranges from $0.20 to $0.40. Meanwhile, below are some estimates for carpet cleaning based on room square footage.

  • 200-400 sq.ft.:       $70-$130
  • 500-1,000 sq.ft.:    $100-$250
  • 1,000-1,500 sq.ft.: $200-$300
  • 1,500-,2000 sq.ft.: $250-$450
  • 2,000-3,000 sq.ft.: $400-$600

Carpet Cleaning Cost Per Room

Some cleaning companies are also flexible to charge on a per room basis, especially if it’s just a small area. So far, the running price of carpet cleaning services for one room is $25 to $80.

Here are some estimates for  price per number of rooms for carpet cleaning.

  • 1 room =                   $25-$80
  • 2 rooms =                 $50-$150
  • 3 rooms =                 $75-$225
  • 4 rooms =                 $100-$300
  • 5 rooms and more = $150-$600

Carpet Cleaning Cost By Method

There are specific approaches for various kinds of carpets and stains present for all clients. For most homeowners, their choice is the steam cleaning process since it effectively takes away deep stains, hairs, and grime on all carpet types.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

This is the best option for most homeowners since it can guarantee a 90% deep cleansing action for all carpet types. The running carpet cleaning cost of steam cleaning is $100 to $500. 

Some companies also provide warranty service for their carpet cleaning packages to secure your welfare and satisfaction.

Carpet Shampooing

This method is also suitable for heavy stains and soils, yet it consumes substantial water volume to remove all those foams. Its average price is between $80 to $400.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

In contrast to shampooing, this method consumes minimal water and gives you a quicker drying time. It’s also known as encapsulation, since its special cleaning powder coats dust, soils, and stains; and then vacuumed out from your carpets.

The average price for dry carpet cleaning is $75 to $350. Also, it’s a go-to choice among hotels and offices with high foot traffic in their carpeted hallways and function rooms.

Carbonation Process

It’s a new technique among cleaning companies which also uses a small water volume for cleansing your carpets. The average price for carbonation is $125 to $600.

Office Carpet Cleaning Estimate Per Square Foot

We also offer carpet cleaning solutions for various business establishments like offices, clinics, museums, hotels, buildings, and stores. Because of the wider floor area of commercial establishments, we give them a substantial discount for their carpet cleaning needs, where the usual average price is $0.15 to $0.25 per square foot.

For these clients, what matters most is the restoration of the carpets’ appearance and fast drying time, so it won’t hamper their ability to do business.

An Affordable and Flexible Carpet Cleaning Service

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