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Why You Should Call A Professional To Clean Pet Stains

Pets are part of our family and bring us bountiful joy, but all that love and happiness can sometimes leave your house looking and smelling like a farm! For all the joy our pets bring us, we know that sometimes they will have unfortunate accidents that leave pet stains and odors. We love our pets, but we don’t have to live like an animal for them. Luckily we can live with our fur babies and we can keep our homes looking and smelling clean and fresh with the help of professional pet stain and odor removers

Household Pet Stain Removers Do Not Work

Many products sold in stores claim to be pet stain erasers, but this is not really the case. These products can make you feel better that you did something to clean up your pet’s pee or poop, but, in most cases, they really are not powerful enough to erase the stain. A professional cleaner will have all the right tools and use super powerful and safe products to eliminate all pet stains. The products the pros use are simply not available to ordinary consumers, as they have been specially designed with professional use in mind. Most household cleaners will only mask the smell of a pet stain for a while, not treating the cause of the odor. The products could also be damaging to your carpet or furniture, while a professional will always know what can and cannot be applied to your specific surface. Household cleaners have a hard time reaching deeply soaked in stains, while the professional cleaner can target the deep areas and get rid of the stain for good. 

Finding Pet Stains

A pet pee stain remover can only be helpful if you can find the actual spot that is affected by pee. If a pet pee stain sits and is not noticed before it dries, it will spread out to a large area and it is difficult to find exactly how big of an area needs to be cleaned. There is also the problem of not noticing a pee spot until it is already dry and stinking. A professional can use special ultraviolet lights to see stains that you would miss with just your eyes. If you try to clean a pet pee stain on your own, you most likely won’t even find the spot that needs cleaning and will waste your time, the pet stain remover and still have a pet pee smell. A professional cleaner knows how big of an area to clean around the visible stain, and can get the job done quickly and efficiently. A professional will clean all the way down into a carpet pad to make sure that any residues are picked up, it is simply difficult to clean this well on your own. A professional cleaner is trained and experienced in finding pet stains and will be able to eliminate them completely.

Why Pet Stains Should Be Removed?

Pet stains don’t just smell and look bad, they can cause illness and irritation. Pet urine contains ammonia, especially cat pee has a high level, which can make the lungs feel like they are burning. Urine also contains proteins which can become a feeding ground for terrible bacterias which could make you and your family sick. Even the best pet stain remover available to consumers will not entirely remove a bad pet urine stain, and it could be a health hazard. Having a professional come and make sure that any dried up urine is eliminated is the best way to protect your home and your family. Often, when people try to remove a pet stain themselves, they only make the smell go away to their own nose. Guests who come into your home could notice a foul smell and think that your home is dirty and feel uncomfortable. To be sure that your home is making the best impression possible, it is smart to call professional cleaners to make sure that a pet stain is eliminated completely.

When to Call a Professional?

If you see your pet make a mess in the house and are able to clean it up right away, before it soaks in deep or dries up, it is possible you can do a good job with household products on your own. If pee or poop has time to dry or soak in, you may need the help of a pro. For some it may not be possible to call a professional after every accident, though that is the best solution to keep your home clean. It may be best for you to wait until your pet is fully house trained, because then you will have years that it is unlikely your pet will be having any more accidents inside the house. Puppies and kittens are so cute, but they are also the main culprits of nasty stains. If you can wait to have all the stains of growing up cleaned at the same time, you could have years to enjoy your clean home with your awesome pets. Anytime a stain has soaked in or has dried up, it is best to call a professional and not waste your time trying to do it yourself.

What a Professional Can Do

A professional cleaner will have all of the right equipment, tools and products to clean any pet stain from your home. They will use only pet and human safe cleaners that will effectively target pet messes and leave your home clean. They will be able to clean deep into carpets, where household cleaners would only clean the surface. A professional cleaner will also use special equipment to find all pet stains that you can’t see and eliminate them at the source. These steps would take a tremendous amount of effort for a regular homeowner to accomplish, but the pros do this everyday and will make a fast and efficient job of it. So if you want to get rid of any pet stains and odors so that you can enjoy your home with your beloved pets, call a professional cleaner and take care of the problem.

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