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How Often Should You Have Your Commercial Carpet Cleaned

How Often Should You Have Your Commercial Carpet Cleaned

Most commercial buildings choose carpets as their flooring option as they are usually cheaper to install than other hard floor materials. Carpets also add to the overall aesthetic of any room or floor as long as they maintained well and cleaned regularly.

To keep your commercial carpets in good condition and to extend its usage and life expectancy, it is essential to protect them through proper care and maintenance. Here are the care and guide instructions that you should remember for maximizing your commercial carpet investments.

The answer to the question of how frequent commercial carpet should be cleaned depends on the following factors.

Foot traffic – If your commercial carpet area has high foot traffic, it needs more frequent deep cleaning from commercial carpet cleaning service professionals.

Daily or weekly primary care – Vacuuming your carpeted areas in the office will help extend the time duration between commercial steam carpet cleaning.

Spills as spots or stains – Addressing and cleaning new spots promptly after they spilled prevents them from developing to stubborn, hard to remove, and unsightly stains.

Carpets located near the exterior entrance – Your commercial carpet is naturally exposed to more dirt and mud, especially during snowy or rainy seasons, if it is adjacent to an exterior entrance door.

Commercial grade mats – You can use industrial matting that is fifteen feet long near your exterior doors or in high traffic areas to prevent dirt, mud, and water in reaching your carpet. Mats should also be cleaned regularly like your carpets as they can only hold so much dirt or mud.

If you want to ensure that you have the proper matting solutions that can protect your carpet, contact a commercial carpet cleaning service in your area.

Foot Traffic Level

If you have a commercial carpet installed in a small office inside a multi-tenant building, your carpet probably has less foot traffic, dirt, sand, or ice-melts than the carpet in your building’s lobby. The latter will need monthly deep-cleaning while the carpet in a small office will only need it once or twice a year.

Regular Primary Care

The first line of defense for you to avoid premature aging of your carpet is vacuuming it frequently using a high-quality commercial vacuum cleaner.

Reducing the wear and tear on carpet fibers and preventing ugly traffic patterns from forming is possible if you remove dirt and sand from your carpets by vacuuming daily or a few times a week. Regular vacuuming partnered with the commercial steam carpet cleaning done quarterly or twice a year will get rid of dust mites, bacteria, allergens, and dander and result in improved air quality in your building.

Addressing Spills and Stains

Even though the expert cleaners have various commercial carpet cleaning methods to remove stains, preventing spills from developing into stains can also be effective.

Spots or new spills should not be removed by rubbing as it will only cause them to penetrate the carpet deeper. Rather, use a clean cloth or a paper towel to blot the spill until it gets dry. Carpet stain removers can also be used, but be sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions thoroughly to avoid any residue that can attract more dirt.

Commercial Matting

The proper way to use commercial grade mats to protect your carpets is by placing them strategically in areas with high foot traffic. It is ideal to put fifteen linear feet of walk-off rugs at every exterior entrance door to allow most of the dirt and moisture to be shaken off before reaching the unmatted areas of the floor.

Mats should also be vacuumed regularly to minimize the amount of dirt and mud tracked further into the office. You can use a wet vacuum cleaner to extract water from your mats during snowy or rainy days.

Different Commercial Carpet Cleaning Methods

The commercial carpet cleaning method that your office or building carpet needs will depend on its type, condition, age, and even its accessibility.

Newly installed carpets that are vacuumed regularly will only need professional maintenance at a minimum. In contrast, old carpets might need a more frequent and extensive expert cleaning to restore its aesthetic value. Poorly maintained carpets will also need a thorough deep-cleaning done by the skilled professional cleaners.

Some carpets have delicate fabrics. Thus, only a few cleaning methods are suitable for these sensitive carpet types.

Setting up the cleaning equipment and drying the carpets may take some time. That’s why an organization that is open 24/7 and has a carpeted flooring will choose a cleaning method that is convenient and will least affect their business timings. 

The most effective and commonly used commercial carpet cleaning methods are below.

Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

This method cleans your commercial carpet’s face fibers but not as deep as how it is done in hot water or shampooing methods. You can ask your preferred commercial carpet cleaning service provider for a bonnet cleaning for any type of carpeting except if you own an ancient carpet.

Carpet Shampooing

If you weren’t able to properly maintain your office carpets, you could ask your professional cleaners to shampoo them with rotary brushes and use hot water extraction afterward.

Dry Foam Carpet Cleaning

If your building is busy, and you can’t afford lengthy interruptions to your business, then dry foam carpet cleaning is perfect for you as it allows your carpet to dry faster than shampooing or bonnet cleaning. The solution used in foam spray cleaning loosens the soil as it dries, so it will be easier to vacuum them away.

Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

This method of carpet cleaning is typically done 2 or 3 times between hot water extraction procedures. Encapsulation carpet cleaning works by capturing debris and dirt particles. Vacuuming regularly then removes the crystallized soil and solution.

Restorative Hot Water Extraction

This procedure is ideal for deep-cleaning your commercial carpets. If your carpet is old and poorly maintained, it can be shampooed first to get rid of the surface dirt and soil before using the restorative hot water extraction to remove the more deep-seated dirt and debris.

If you ask any commercial carpet cleaning service providers, they will advise you that office or building carpets should be cleaned professionally at least once a year. But for carpets exposed to harsher weather or higher foot traffic, they usually need more frequent cleaning, either monthly, quarterly, or seasonally. Contact an experienced commercial carpet cleaning service company near you to know more about the proper maintenance and care of your carpets and the average cost for commercial carpet cleaning.

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