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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services Rates This 2020

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Most business establishments realize the importance of carpet cleaning for health reasons and restoring the beauty of your carpets. In line, when choosing your best commercial carpet cleaning service, the two main factors you need to consider is quality and price.

Often, we find ourselves tempted to avail of those very cheap rates, not realizing that quality is compromised already. In this article, we are going to show you the different average costs for commercial carpet cleaning, and the variables influencing it.

Without any delays, let’s start!

What Are the Existing Industry Rates for Commercial Carpet Cleaning?

Choosing the best price guarantee is always the trickiest part when hiring a credible carpet cleaner. However, always bear in mind that quality must be your top priority, and second is cost.

Meanwhile, the usual bases for carpet cleaning price are per hour, square foot, or flat-fee. Also, you have to consider that there will be added cost when stains are to be removed from your loop or cut pile carpets.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Cost Per Square Foot

Different companies will have varying rates for their carpet cleaning services, so you need to ask for a free estimate and its inclusion before hiring them. Meanwhile, the running price per square foot for commercial carpet cleaning is $0.11 to $0.40.

If you avail of the low moisture cleaning method, then the estimated rate is $0.05 to $0.15 per square foot. Further, the cost will also vary for the specific commercial carpet cleaning methods you are availing. For instance, dry carpet cleaning will approximately cost $33 per standard room, whereas commercial steam carpet cleaning is $49 to $63 per room.

Our steam or hot water extraction carpet cleaning method is the best because it deeply removes soils, stains, pet accidents, and hairs inside those fabrics. It will take a longer time than dry cleaning and encapsulation because the counter-rotary brush (CRB) will gradually stir the carpet fibers for better washing. 

Moreover, here are sample-specific estimates for a 1,500 and 50,000 square foot carpet area for commercial cleaning.

  • 1,500 square foot: $0.20 to $0.25 per sq.ft. or $300 to $375
  • 50,000 square foot: $0.10 to $0.15 per sq.ft. or $5,000 to $7,000 

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Cost Per Hour

In comparison, when your carpeted floor area is small or standard, cleaning companies will tend to charge you per hour per staff. The average estimate for the hourly rate is $20 to $50 per hour per cleaner.

Meanwhile, hiring a sufficient number of carpet cleaners is more cost-efficient than just letting one personnel do it, for you will save more time.

Extra Costs for Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service

It is also critical that you ask your carpet cleaning company for any additional costs for extra services. In line, some of these extra costs will incur for stain removal, carpeted stairs, carpet types, repairing carpet damages; and moving furniture and tables.

  • For removing difficult stains: $20 – $40 per hour
  • Spot Cleaning: $20 (small stains) to $1,000 (very large and difficult stains)
  • For different carpet types: Berber carpets ($90), Cut and level loop ($60-$120), Wool and Cotton ($100-$150)
  • Carpeted stairs: $2-$3 per step
  • Moving furniture, chairs, and tables: $200 for two cleaners for two hours

Factors Affecting Price of Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service

We understand that you always want value for money in the products and services you avail. Consequently, Shiny Carpet Cleaning takes pride in always offering an affordable price range that fits any budget for your cleaning needs.

To help you understand why such carpet cleaning rates are available, here are the essential variables impacting it.


Each cleaning company will have specific rates for their carpet cleaning services, so you need to make use of their carpet cleaning cost estimator. Luckily, we are one of the local cleaners who offer budget-friendly rates for professional carpet cleaning services.

Type of Carpet

There are two main types of carpets based on fabric construction – loop and cut pile carpets. Besides that, we can also classify carpets according to its material such as nylon, olefin, wool, cotton, polyester, and more.

So far, Berber carpets have the cheapest carpet cleaning rate ($90), while the most expensive is the cotton and wool carpets ($100-$150).

Floor Area

Technically, carpet cleaners will give you a lower rate if you have a larger carpeted floor area for cleaning than those with smaller areas (less than 1000 square feet). Nevertheless, it is safe to ask for a free quote from a local cleaner for your specific carpeted floor area.

If your floor area is between 200-400 square feet, then your estimated carpet cleaning cost is $80-$130. Meanwhile, 2,000-3,000 square feet will have an estimated cost of $400-$500.

Carpet Cleaning Method Used

The more intricate the carpet cleaning method applied, the higher will be your carpet cleaning cost. So far, hot water extraction or steam cleaning has the highest price because of its effectiveness and deep clean action.

Below are the estimated costs for the various carpet cleaning methods:

  • Carpet steam cleaning – $100-$500
  • Dry cleaning – $75-$350
  • Shampooing – $80-$400
  • Encapsulation – $125-$550

Additional Costs

Further, to avoid being surprised by the many additional costs, it is safe to ask your local carpet cleaner for a detailed quotation. Nevertheless, the usual extra costs will include the following:

  • Moving tables, chairs, and upholstery
  • Spot cleaning
  • Stain removal process
  • Repairing carpet damages
  • Cleaning carpeted stairs
  • Applying carpet anti-stain coats

What Are The Benefits of Availing Local Carpet Cleaners?

The price will always be associated with quality, and the latter is of major concern for most of our customers. Meanwhile, there are a handful of benefits to enjoy when you hire a professional cleaning service to clean the carpets inside your office, schools, boutiques, and other business establishments.

Here are the major advantages of commercial carpet cleaning services:

  • Healthier Home and Office: Professionals know the suitable cleaning products and methods to use in sanitizing and disinfecting your olefin or wool carpets. Likewise, we have the modern carpet cleaning machines to aggressively remove those pathogens, molds, and mildews which can pollute your indoor air.
  • Efficient Beauty Restoration: Our crew will first inspect your carpet type and the stains present, so we can apply the right cleaning solution and process. With that, there is zero chance for discoloration, and after the cleaning process, your carpets will look new again.
  • Better Cost-Savings: Professional carpet cleaning service can effectively maintain the durability and attractive looks of your loop and cut pile carpets. Through that, your carpets last longer, so no need to buy for another expensive carpet.
  • More Time and Energy: Lastly, you can save much time from dealing with this cleaning chore because local carpet cleaners are more knowledgeable and experienced in this task.

Looking for A Commercial Carpet Cleaner

Shiny Carpet Cleaning is one of your leading choices for locally operated and owned commercial carpet cleaning service provider. If you need a free estimate, you can fill out our online request form or directly call our office.

If you need assistance for sanitizing and disinfecting your carpets, then call us today. Contact us now or check us at Facebook!

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