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9 Common Mattress Cleaning Myths, Debunked

Your mattress is a sanctuary where you can feel at peace and get a good night’s rest, so you should learn as much as you can about mattress cleaning so that you can keep your sleeping space in good shape. So many people don’t know that a mattress can and should be cleaned, but becoming a good mattress cleaner is more important than you might think.

There is a lot of misleading information out there about mattress cleaning, and in this article we will discuss nine of the most common myths about mattress cleaning. We will tell you which of these myths are way off, and which ones hold a bit of truth that can be useful.

If you have been wondering how to clean a mattress, this guide will help you to learn what is true and what is false about mattress cleaning so that you can take care of yours in the best way possible.

Mattresses Can’t Be Cleaned

This is one of the most damaging myths about mattress cleaning out there, and it is absolutely false. Mattresses can and should be cleaned on a regular basis. Not only does mattress cleaning make your mattress look and smell better, it will definitely make it last longer.

Maybe this myth was started because mattresses are so big and difficult to clean, but the reality is that cleaning a mattress is a very important part of helping your mattress to last as long as possible. In fact, there is a whole industry of professional mattress cleaners who take great pride in their work and would be insulted to hear this myth repeated.

Whether you are hiring a mattress cleaning service or wanting to clean your mattress on your own, it is absolutely possible and necessary to do it on a regular basis. 

If You Use A Mattress Cover You Don’t Need To Clean The Mattress

It seems like nothing can get through your mattress cover, but the truth is that unless it is the type that goes all around the mattress and zips shut, dust mites and allergens can still get to your mattress and it will need regular cleaning. 

A mattress cover is a great way to protect your mattress, but it is not always 100 percent effective at preventing the mattress from getting dirty and needing cleaning. Your best option is to keep a regular cleaning schedule for your mattress, cleaning it at least one per year.

You Should Wait To Make Your Bed

Some people don’t like the look of an unmade bed and want to make it as soon as they get up, but to get your bed aired out and a little cleaner, you should wait about forty five minutes before making your bed. This is because dust mites, microscopic insects that eat our dead skin and leave their poop in our beds, will live and breed more easily in a warm environment.

Letting your sheets and bedding air out and cool down some before making the bed can help make it harder for dust mites to make a happy home and dirty our mattresses. On a cool day you can even open your window to let everything cool down faster and make your bed less hospitable to dust mites.

You Should Clean Your Sheets Every Week

This is another myth that is actually very true. Cleaning sheets once a week is a best practice. All the debris that comes off of our bodies in the night accumulates on the sheets, and the more we use the sheets, the more that will fall through them and end up on the mattress. 

Washing your sheets every week will also help the sheets to last longer. The more dirt and debris that is allowed to accumulate in your sheets, the faster the fibers will wear down. So to help your sheets and your mattress stay cleaner and last longer, be sure to wash your bed sheets each and every week.

Pyjamas Can Be Worn Only Once Before They Need Washing

This one is largely dependent on personal preference, but for the most part pyjamas can be worn a few nights before they need to be washed if they are only worn in the bed. Pyjamas won’t get too dirty, depending also on what sort of activities you get up to in them. 

You should check your pyjamas to see if they look or smell dirty, and if they feel fine on your skin you don’t need to wash them. 

Pillowcases Should Be Washed With Your Duvet Cover

This is a false myth, as pillowcases need to be washed with your sheets. Your head and hair will sluff off a lot of oils in the night and the pillowcase will be quite dirty after a week of use.

Your pillowcases are more protecting your pillows than anything else and if they get too soiled the oils and dead skin from your body will get into the pillows and make them dirty and not last as long. That is why they should be changed and cleaned often.

Turning A Mattress Will Clean It

Turning a mattress over actually does little to clean it, it just evens out how the sides of the mattress get worn so that you won’t get a dent in your mattress as quickly. When you are turning your mattress, you should also at least vacuum the mattress and try to clean any stains that you see.

Some mattresses are made to be turned and others are not. You should read the manufacturer’s instructions to see what is the best action for your mattress.

Washing Bedding At 90 Degrees Is Sufficient

To properly clean and disinfect your bedding you should actually be washing them at the highest possible temperature. Over 110 degrees is best to make sure that any bacteria or microorganisms are killed. 

Make sure that your sheets and such can handle the heat that you are planning to wash them at, but the highest possible will get rid of the most dirt and bacteria. Bedding can get really full of dirt and debris, so using a high heat setting on your washing machine will get everything out of them.

Professional Mattress Cleaning Is Not Worth It

Many people think that a professional mattress cleaning won’t do much and is a scam, but this could not be further from the truth. Professional mattress cleaning can add years to the life of your mattress and you will sleep a lot better on a professionally cleaned mattress. 

You can attempt to clean your mattress on your own, but you probably don’t have the right tools to do a good job and you may even end up ruining your mattress with the wrong techniques. Professionals will know all of the tricks to get your mattress looking, smelling and feeling as clean as possible. It will be like sleeping on a new mattress again.

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