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5 Important Questions to Ask a Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Your business needs to look as good as it can to make sure that it can sustain success, so you should really consider commercial carpet cleaning for your business. Commercial carpet cleaning services will have your floors looking great so that your business will look like a professional institution.

Carpets trap a whole lot of dust and other debris that can make them reflect badly on your business but also can start to smell bad or irritate the lungs. That dirt can also start to wear away the carpet fibers and damage the carpeting. A professional carpet cleaning by the right company will help your carpet not only look better, but last a lot longer too.

When looking to get your commercial carpet cleaning done by the best professionals, you need to know that your commercial carpet takes a little special care to help it last a long time. Understanding the needs of your commercial carpet and having a professional carpet cleaner who understands your needs will help your carpet last a long time.

For anyone who is searching for the right commercial carpet cleaner we have made this guide with five important questions you can ask a commercial carpet cleaning company to see if they are the right ones to hire.

1. Do you clean mostly commercial carpets or domestic carpets?

You should choose a company that specializes or deals often with commercial carpets, as they are a different type of carpet that requires special care. You don’t want to choose a home carpet cleaner who will just search online for “how to clean commercial carpet” before showing up to your business.

Hiring a company that knows how to treat your commercial carpet the right way is the best way to ensure that the job gets done right. A botched commercial carpet cleaning can really throw a wrench in your business’ operation, so make sure to hire someone with experience.

A commercial carpet cleaner who works often with businesses will know how important it is that they do a thorough and quick job so that you can get back to business as usual without interruptions.

A commercial carpet is more than just a home furnishing, it is an investment that you need to maintain as long as possible. You want to hire a commercial carpet cleaner who will know the best techniques to get the results you expect.

2. Do you have good insurance?

While you need to hire a competent company that knows what they are doing, accidents can happen to anyone and you want to make sure that you are covered in case of the worst. Commercial carpet cleaning services that take their liabilities seriously are usually the best to do business with.

The commercial carpet cleaning company should have a certain amount of coverage to make sure that if something goes wrong it will be replaced without too much pain. Companies that are on top of their insurance requirements are also more likely to be taking their job seriously.

Stay away from any company that seems to avoid answering the insurance question. They may say that they have never had any accidents and don’t need insurance, but you just never know what can happen and it will be a lot worse without insurance.

3. Do you offer a written guarantee of your work?

A great commercial carpet cleaning company will always guarantee their work because they first of all want their customers to be happy. Any hesitation to offer a guarantee is a big warning sign that they will not do the best work.

A professional carpet cleaning service will always at minimum redo their work if you are not totally satisfied. If they offer even more as a guarantee they are really confident in their abilities and you can be almost sure they will do great work.

You want to make sure the guarantee is in writing, as part of the contract to have the carpet cleaned. You just can’t trust a handshake deal these days if you don’t know the person pretty well.

4. What method of commercial carpet cleaning do you use?

The answer to this question should be easy enough for you to understand. Look out for salesmen who use a lot of technical jargon that leave you wondering what they just said, that can be a smoke and mirrors to make you pay a higher price for something you don’t need.

You can ask them what kind of soap they use if any and if it is safe for health and the environment. If they don’t know you could be making a choice that you don’t really understand.

You can ask about the drying time as well. If they use some type of chemical carpet cleaning, it should dry fast and be able to be used again in an hour or so. For steam cleaning you may need to stay off the carpet overnight, which could be a problem for your business operations.

5. How do you calculate the price for their services?

There are two main methods that a lot of commercial carpet cleaners use to come up with a price, they can charge by the square foot or by the room. Most companies will charge by the square foot as it is a more precise measurement, especially in commercial settings.

Be careful if you are quoted a price per room, because sometimes they will have extra fees for a large room that could be a lot higher than you were expecting. The best carpet cleaners will want to work by the square foot.

Many carpet cleaners will give you an estimate over the phone if you know how much carpet you need cleaned, but it is always more accurate to have an in person estimate. Having the carpet cleaner look at your carpet will give them a much better idea of what kind of work it will take to get the job done well.

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