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What are the best carpets and rugs for pet owners?

Carpet cleaning

How many times did your pets ruin the beauty and construction of your area rugs and carpets? For your sake and your pets, we have come up with this article to help you select the right material for your rugs and carpets.

Likewise, we also included a buying guide and the best carpet cleaning tips to complete your day. All these things are prepared and practiced by our highly trained cleaning technicians at Shiny Carpet Cleaning

Without any delays, let’s start!

Is It Wise To Invest in Rugs or Carpets

Your lovely tiles and hardwood floors do not come cheap for its overall cost, so you need to secure a way to protect, and this is where your area rugs and carpets come useful.

Consequently, investing in your spectacular carpets or rugs is a worthwhile choice, because it adds elegance and protection on your bare floors. Besides that, it provides convenience and comfort for your family and pets.

If ever you need assistance for selecting the right carpet material and carpet cleaning services, then you can count on us Shiny Carpet Cleaning. We are a locally operated and owned cleaning service in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC. 

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Things You Need To Consider in Selecting Carpet and Rug Materials

When selecting your area rugs or carpets, you always consider two critical factors – durability and anti-stain properties. These two things are essential variables, especially when you have a four-legged creature strolling around your floor. The situation becomes more pressing when you have high foot traffic inside your residence.

Evaluate the Material

You have two main options for this – natural and synthetic carpet materials. For natural raw compounds, you have wool, sisal, and jute. These raw materials are elegant, soft, and friendly for your pets’ paws. Also, it easily catches dirt, pet danders, and pet accidents.

Meanwhile, the popular synthetic carpet materials in the market are nylon, polyester, and olefins. These compounds have a good reputation against stain resistance and solid fiber construction.

Go For Those With Low VOC Levels

All raw materials used for your fancy and durable carpets and rugs have varying levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These VOCs are air pollutants that degrade your indoor air quality, causing allergic reactions to your family and pets.

Consequently, you need to read the product label and search online for those brands and materials which has lower VOC emission levels. Nevertheless, most carpet manufacturers are producing green rugs and carpets for sustainability and customer welfare.

Anti-Stain Resistance

Manufacturers have seen the intense concerns of customers regarding pet stains and accidents in their rugs and carpets, so they have improved its anti-stain properties. 

Some carpets are made from fibers with good stain wicking properties, preventing liquid stains from penetrating the bottom layer. With this, the carpet paddings will never be easily destroyed due to moisture build-up which leads to molds and mildew infestation.

Carpet Hues and Design

Choosing the right color and patterns for your rugs and carpets is critical for hiding pet danders and accidents. It is never always true to select dark-hued rugs, especially when your pet’s hair is light-colored. In line, the rule of thumb is to select a color and pattern which matches the hairs of your pets.

Further, those with rugs and carpets with intricate patterns do well in hiding small to medium stains, pet accidents, and footprints on your carpeted floors. However, the ultimate way of keeping the aesthetics and fabric conditions of your carpets is your daily cleaning routine.

Besides that, you can always schedule a deep cleaning service from reliable local carpet cleaners near you like Shiny Carpet Cleaning. Our crew has extensive experience and cleaning for residential and commercial carpet cleaning services.

5 Best Materials For Your Pet-Friendly Rugs and Carpets

If you are having a difficult time cleaning those pet accidents and danders, then maybe you have chosen the wrong carpet or rug material for your pets. Here, we are featuring the top five best pet-friendly carpet materials for 2020. 

1. Stain-Resistant Nylon Carpets

When you have high foot traffic inside your home, we highly recommend this carpet type, because it is naturally resistant to stains. Besides that, nylon fibers are never easily pulled out when your pets are scratching on your nylon rugs or carpets.

2. Luxurious Wool Carpets

It is one of the most prestigious materials for rugs and carpets, because of its natural curb appeal. When wool fibers are properly woven, you can rely on its durable fabric construction, which can resist wear and tear.

Besides, wool can seamlessly wick off stains and liquids, so you are relieved from the daunting task of carpet stain removal. Also, its smooth fiber is highly comforting for your pets’ paws and body when it is lying down on the floor.

3. Olefin Carpets

This carpet type is usually associated with outdoor use, yet carpet manufacturers have re-designed its texture and look to fit for your indoor carpets and rugs. Today, most olefin carpets have excellent anti-stain properties while having an attractive hue and patterns.

4. Sisal and Jute Carpets

These two are some of the famous natural fibers used for rugs and carpets. It is well-known for its smooth fiber texture that is gentle to your pets and children. Likewise, you can rely on its ability to wick off liquids and stains. However, the main gripe about these materials will be its lower durability and price.

5. Polyester Carpets

It is made from artificial resins which makes it affordable and easy to customize for colors and patterns. The best benefits to enjoy from polyester rugs and carpets are its soft texture, color variety, anti-stain properties, economical price, and nature-friendly.

In contrast, when the fabric construction of polyester carpets is low, then it gets easily twirled and destroyed. Likewise, it has a lower tolerance for your high foot traffic carpeted floor area.

Simple Tips for Cleaning Your Rugs and Carpets

We are done discussing the best materials for your carpets, now let’s proceed on how to properly clean and maintain it. Regardless of the brand and material, the longevity and appearance of your area rugs and carpets can be prolonged when you clean it the right way.

Fortunately, below are some of our practical tips for sanitizing and caring for your lovely rugs and carpets.

  • Always read the manufacturer’s manual for your carpet’s standard cleaning procedures.
  • Use a lint roller to easily remove those loose fibers on your area rugs and carpets.
  • Make it a habit to comb your pet’s hair to remove those shed danders before it gets stuck in your carpets.
  • Invest in a strong HEPA wet/dry vacuum cleaner
  • Immediately blot stains and never scrub it all over your carpet.
  • Never use strong bleach for stain removal.

Those mentioned above are practical daily cleaning routines you can do for removing the first pile of dirt and grime in your carpets. If you want a deep-down cleaning action, then you can avail of our carpet steam cleaning service.

We use cleaning solutions that are friendly to the environment, pets, and children for removing stains and pet accidents in your rugs and carpets. Likewise, to facilitate the removal of pet hairs and stains, we use a counter-rotating brush to stir those fibers and lints off.

For many years, Shiny Carpet Cleaning is one of the authorities for professional carpet cleaning packages at a reasonable price. Our seasoned cleaning experts will first assess your carpet’s condition before doing our cleaning applications.

Looking for A Local Carpet Cleaners Near You

At Shiny Carpet Cleaning, we are routinely committed to providing you cost-efficient carpet cleaning services at a fair price. If you want to ask for a free estimate of your carpet cleaning cost, fill out our request form and send it to us. After, wait for our response within 24 hours.

Meanwhile, you can also call our hotline for an in-house inspection and quotation for a minimal service fee, which we can waive or deduct from your total cleaning cost.

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