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2022 Update On Mattress Cleaning Cost- Is It Worth It?

2022 Update On Mattress Cleaning Cost- Is It Worth It?
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Everyone just wants to have a comfortable and clean mattress. That means you need to schedule your mattress cleaning every month, otherwise, you can expect termites crawling on your mattress.

When you can’t handle this chore anymore, you can hire a certified cleaning company to do it for you. But just how much is it for a professional mattress cleaning cost? We understand that customers are also price-conscious, so we’re writing this article to guide you on this topic.

Always remember that quality cleaning comes with a price, yet it must be reasonable. If you go for something cheap, then you can’t really expect to get high-quality cleaning, right? If the offer is too good to be true, the more you need to be suspicious.

Let’s dive in and know the possible prices of mattress cleaning today.

What’s the average cost of mattress cleaning in 2022?

Maid spraying on mattress for cleaning

The lowest price you can expect is $80 while the highest is $250. A mid-point price is $130 for professional mattress cleaning. Take note, the exact prices fluctuate in every state and the cleaning company you’re hiring for.

What are the factors affecting mattress cleaning service cost?

Mattress cleaning

You can expect different pricing for each cleaning company you’ll be contacting for their mattress cleaning service. They need to consider several variables in pricing so that it will be fair and feasible for their part as a business.


Typically, the more mattresses you let a cleaning company clean, the more they are willing to give you a discount. Some companies give 5%, 10%, or even 25% off when you let them clean more mattresses.

This is also an excellent bargain for customers since they also want to save a few bucks. So, when you ask a cleaning company for a free quote, make sure to ask if they offer discounts if you put more mattresses for the cleaning.

Stains and dirt present

A lot of things can potentially stain your mattresses. If the stain present is hard to remove, that entails more effort for the cleaners, so they can charge more for their mattress cleaning services cost.

If the stain can cause microbial growth, that means antimicrobial treatment must be done. For this, most companies charge $10 to $15 for the treatment. For instance, if there is pet urine or blood on your mattress, that needs antimicrobial and deodorizing treatment.

To avoid being surprised by the high cost, make sure to ask for the prices of specialized treatment done on mattresses.

Mattress cleaning process

Alternatively, there are different kinds of mattress cleaning methods, and each has its corresponding price. If you go for a basic cleaning method, that can cost around $80 to $130 while for a deep cleaning procedure, that’s around $130 to $200.

If there are other add-on services you want to get, that increase your total mattress cleaning cost. Some of these common add-on services are UV disinfection, odor removal, blood stain removal, and treating pet waste stains.

At Shiny Carpet Cleaning, we offer an array of mattress cleaning solutions for our customers. We first assess the condition of your mattress before recommending the right cleaning process and its possible cost.

What are the different techniques for cleaning mattresses?

Side of mattress being cleaned by maid

So far, there are four types of mattress cleaning methods and each has its respective price. The more intricate the process, the more likely it costs higher than basic mattress cleaning.


This process uses steam as the name suggests. Steam is hotter than boiling water, so it can kill more microbes. At the same time, steam can easily pass through the fabrics to remove stains and odors. Whether it’s coming from your pet urine or spilled coffee, that can be easily removed by steam cleaning.

UV cleaning

This one is necessary when you want to kill all dust mites and microbes present on your mattress. It helps decontaminate your mattress, so it becomes clean and fresh again.


Instead of using ultraviolet rays, this one uses infrared for heating and decontaminating your mattress. It heats your mattress at 150 degrees enough to kill all those germs and bacteria.

Dry steam

If you want less water so that your mattress dries up fast, then this is the right process for you. It uses dry steam for cleaning and disinfecting mattresses. Because of this, you can expect your mattress to be dried in less than a day.

What’s the cost of cleaning a mattress based on size?

Different mattress stocked up together

The rule of thumb, the bigger the mattress, the costlier the cleaning. That’s because it requires more effort and time to clean a larger mattress compared to a smaller one. Below are some of the price estimates today:

Cost of mattress cleaning based on mattress size:

  • Twin mattress: $50
  • Full mattress: $60
  • Queen mattress: $70
  • King mattress: $80

These prices can vary depending on the company and your location. Also, if you avail of additional services, it will be charged on top of the basic cost of cleaning a mattress.

How many times should you clean your mattresses?

Spraying a mattress for cleaning

The standard is twice or thrice a year. But you’ll also need to consider other factors that can make your mattress get dirty fast.

To preserve the condition of your mattress, you can vacuum it regularly to remove those dust, dead skin cells, and fallen hair. This can prolong the lifespan of your mattress as well.


Machine being used for mattress cleaning

We hope your mattress cleaning cost reading time has been really helpful. At Shiny Carpet Cleaning, we want to help everyone get a better understanding of why professionals charge this much and the factors affecting it.

Hiring a professional isn’t that cheap, but for your convenience and time savings, it’s highly reasonable. But you’ll have to hire a reputable one to ensure you get a high-quality mattress cleaning service.

Our team wants you to have value for money for your mattress cleaning request. In case you have other questions, feel free to reach out. We also offer a free estimate and consultation service for all your cleaning needs.

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