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Top Frequently Asked Questions About Carpet Cleaning

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Cleaning and removing stains, foul smell, and pet accidents in your carpets is a tedious task. Your daily carpet cleaning regimen works fine in removing the first layer of dirt, yet it is not enough for deeply cleaning your carpets. Fortunately, you can hire a carpet cleaning service to take care of this cleaning chore for you.

Some customers are still having doubts about hiring local carpet cleaners because they still have a few things in mind. For your convenience, we have compiled the frequently asked questions from clients for their carpet cleaning services.

What are the different carpet cleaning methods?

There are four major cleaning methods for restoring the integrity of your carpets namely carpet steam cleaning, bonnet cleaning, shampooing, and dry cleaning.

  • Shampooing – A carpet shampoo is applied to your carpets, creating a foamy layer that removes dirt and smell. A counter-rotating brush is used to stir your carpet fibers and thoroughly clean your carpets.
  • Carpet Steam Cleaning – We use pressurized hot water in deeply cleaning your carpets. We do pre-conditioning before injecting the hot water.
  • Dry Compound Cleaning – We use a special powder that is scattered all over your carpets. This powder absorbs the soils and dirt inside your carpet fibers. After, we use a wet/dry vacuum to remove the powder out from the carpet.
  • Bonnet Cleaning – We use a special chemical and heat for this process. To remove the oils and dirt in your carpets, we use a counter-rotating brush with absorbent pads. Likewise, we do pre-cleaning measures such as vacuuming and blotting stains.

How many times do you need to avail of a carpet cleaning service?

It depends on how heavy the foot traffic is inside your home or office. If you want to preserve the cleanliness and appeal of your carpets, then daily vacuuming is a good option.

Based on most carpet manufacturers, it is highly recommended to let a professional local carpet cleaner deeply sanitize and disinfect your carpets twice a year. Your lovely rugs and carpets are a good source of allergens and pathogens when you compromise its cleanliness.

Is hot water extraction cleaning effective?

The pressurized hot water used for this method is a natural disinfectant for your carpets. We pre-condition your carpets before injecting the hot water so that stains and pet accidents are easily removed. 

Likewise, we use a counter-rotating brush to aggressively stir those fibers and deeply sanitize your carpets. After, we use wet/dry vacuums to remove dirt and water.

Is there a difference between a stain and a spot?

A spot is water-soluble and can be easily removed, while a stain is deeply seated on the fibers. The latter is more difficult to remove than a spot. Our cleaning personnel have the proper tools, cleaning solutions, and skills to efficiently clean your carpets.

Is it important to clean your carpets?

A soiled carpet will dramatically decrease the quality of indoor air inside your home and office. Likewise, when left uncleaned for several months, it becomes a breeding ground for pathogens and infectious diseases. To preserve your carpet’s life and the welfare of your family, hire the best carpet cleaning in town.

Which is better, hardwood or carpeted floors?

Choosing between hardwood or carpeted floor is a matter of preference, which both requires periodic cleaning and maintenance. Hardwood floors are also challenging to maintain because it is routinely exposed to moisture, dust, and spills.

Meanwhile, carpeted floors are good because you just have to remove the soiled carpets and replace with a new one, while you will be washing the other.

What is the average time of drying your carpets?

Approximately, it takes six to twelve hours to completely dry your carpets. Our carpet cleaning service will ensure your carpets are effectively dried in a shorter period. We will use wet/dry vacuums, dehumidifiers, and moisture meters to monitor and facilitate the drying process.

What do you need to do before your local carpet cleaner arrives?

You need to remove all obstacles, toys, and magazines on top of your carpets. Likewise, make sure your children and pets are kept in another place away from the carpet cleaning area.

What is the ideal temperature for drying your carpets?

When you are drying your carpets inside, the average drying temperature is between 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can a local carpet cleaner clean my carpets offsite?

A carpet cleaning service can take your carpets in their shop for cleaning instead of doing it inside your house or office. It is a common option for those clients who do not want to be disturbed with their usual routine and operation.

Looking for The Best Carpet Cleaning?

Shiny Carpet Cleaning is an established carpet cleaning service in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC. We have extensive experience and training in all facets of carpet cleaning processes.

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Together let us extend and preserve the life and beauty of your carpets.

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