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Reasons Why You Should Deep Clean Your Mattress

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It is comfortable and relaxing to sleep on your mattress, yet you need to schedule proper cleaning and care to maintain its optimal condition. Despite your mattress pad, it is never enough to rely on it, considering there are a lot of elements polluting it like body oils, dead skin, dust mites, bed bugs, and more.

With that, you have the option of either washing it on your own or hiring mattress cleaning services near you like Shiny Carpet Cleaning. Is it worthwhile? Well, we have extensive experience and proper tools to efficiently deep clean your mattresses, upholstery, and carpets. 

In line with this, we are sharing in this read, the four main reasons why it’s a must to deeply clean your mattresses today. Continue reading to discover more.

1) Remove Sweat and Moisture

Every time you lie down and sleep on your mattress, your body produces oils that stick on the cushion and linens. Over time, it will accumulate and penetrate through your mattress, which degrades the sanitation and appearance of your mattresses.

With that, you need to schedule your mattress steam cleaning process from a trusted cleaning company. We use this process to deeply remove all those body oils and moisture stuck underneath the linens and cushion, without damaging it.

2) Get Rid of Dust Mites

Did you know that dust mites eat dead skin cells? Consequently, we produce 1.5 grams of dead skin cells every day, and this gets stuck on your mattresses. In line with this, dust mites breed in those places where there’s a sufficient amount of dead skin cells.

Technically, your comfortable mattress approximately becomes a house to around 10 million dust mites, which is highly alarming for your health and welfare To resolve this, you can avail mattress deep cleaning package from a reputable cleaning company.

3) Decontaminate Bacteria for A Cleaner Sleeping Area

Besides the creepy dust mites, your damp and dirty mattress also become a breeding ground for molds and bacteria. The dead skin cells, sweat, and dust stuck into its foam and linens become the source of these critters which can harm your skin.

With that, you can either go for steam or dry mattress cleaning service from a licensed and bonded cleaning company. A legit local cleaning company knows the essential elements to safely wash and restore the appearance and fresh smell of your mattresses. 

4) Eradicate Those Bed Bugs

Regular washing won’t be much effective in bringing back the healthy condition of your mattresses. Why? Besides your body oils and dead skin cells, it becomes a home to small critters like bed bugs, which feed on your dead skins. 

These small critters can bite your skin and cause allergies in the long run. With that, you need professional help from a seasoned cleaning service like Shiny Carpet Cleaning.

Fortunately, we have our steam cleaning process and eco-friendly disinfectants we can use to eradicate these bed bugs on the spot. Moreover, this process doesn’t harm the linens and cushion of your mattress.

5) Promote Cleaner Indoor Air

Just like your carpets and upholstery, your mattress is like a sponge absorbing various allergens and pollutants inside your room. As time passes, these allergens, your body oils, and dead skin cells greatly diminish the sanitation of your mattress, while producing a foul smell in the air.

This pungent odor is produced due to the activity of bacteria as they eat your dead skin cells and thrive in a damp environment. To resolve your concern, our mattress steam cleaning process is your savior. 

We use pressurized hot water, deodorizer, and disinfectants for this mattress cleaning method, without discoloration and fabric damage.

How Often Should You Clean Your Mattress?

The standard time you need to clean your mattresses will be every six months. However, if your place and condition rapidly make it dirty and stinky, then you can have two to three times cleaning per year.

If you have further questions about the proper care and maintenance of your linens and mattress, then get in touch with us today. Moreover, you can call us for professional mattress cleaning services.

How Do You Clean Your Mattresses?

We are sharing the proper steps on how you can wash your mattress effectively. Nevertheless, if you don’t have enough time to do it, then you can hire a local cleaning company near you.

1) Remove your linens

Always remove your mattress cover and other items place on top before washing it. Likewise, separate your linens and fabrics into two: white and colored ones.

Observe if there is no color bleeding, and if there’s none, then turn your washer’s setting to the hottest water and fast dry option.

2) Vacuum It

Make sure to regularly vacuum your mattress to remove any hair, dust, and first-layer dirt on top. With that, it lightens up your washing load.

3) For Stains, Spot Clean It

Oftentimes, stains are inevitably present on your linens and mattress, which can be due to spilled drinks, blood, or other circumstances. Regardless of the reason and stain type, we always recommend that you do spot cleaning for this.

With that, you can use lemon juice and salt for spotting stains, so it will be easier to machine or hand wash.

4) Disinfect and Remove Foul Odor

Does your mattress or linen smell bad? In that case, you need to disinfect and deodorize it using homemade products or by hiring a local cleaning company. Make sure to read the washing instructions of your mattress before washing it.

Need Professional Cleaning Service?

We understand that you have a lot of things at hand, so cleaning your mattresses can be daunting for you. We hope this article has helped you in overcoming this chore. Nevertheless, you can always turn to professionals like Shiny Carpet Cleaning for these cleaning requirements. 

Get in touch with us for your free estimates and appointments. Feel free to call us now or visit us on Yelp!

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