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Mistakes To Avoid on Upholstery Cleaning

Mistakes To Avoid on Upholstery Cleaning

The upholstered furniture is one of the most significant investments for every house owner. With every time and effort financed to have it, taking care of it is one of our commitments and priorities. One way to do it is to engage our upholstery items on regular UPHOLSTERY CLEANING SERVICE. It offers different cleaning amenities like UPHOLSTERY STEAM CLEANING that uses a system to give a fresher look to the upholsteries. Some of these services provide UPHOLSTERY DRY CLEANING, a process that uses a mixture of hot water and cleaning solution and injects in the furniture before suctioning it out. Meanwhile, some offer maintenance to specific upholstery like UPHOLSTERY SOFA CLEANING, which provides better cleaning.

Importance of Upholstery Cleaning

Air quality

An unclean-used upholstery can cause the release of dirt, bacteria, and allergens that negatively affect the air quality of our homes. Moreover, prolonged exposure of these items to different factors like smoke, and food aroma can also cause unwanted odors that can affect the overall appearance of our homes. With regular cleaning of these items, it not only helps the upholstery smell fresher, but it can also remove the unwanted allergens, leading to better air quality in the comfort of our homes.

Improved health of the family members

Besides the adverse effects of unclean air, that dirt and allergens present even in the upholstery can cause allergies and irritability to every household member. So, a well-maintained upholstery can help reduce the risk of sickness in our homes.

Longer life of the furniture

Unfortunately, the thinning, discoloration, and other unpresentable looks in the upholstery are another indication of an unclean and not maintained upholstery. With regular cleaning, it also helps remove the unwanted dust and dirt that can affect the sturdiness of our upholstery items, giving it a longer life span.

Mistakes to Avoid in Cleaning your Upholstery

Despite the presence of professional upholstery cleaners around, sometimes we want to do things our way. Unfortunately, these results in committing mistakes in cleaning our upholstery. Here are some mistakes we tend to make in cleaning our sofas and mattresses:

Failure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines

Once we buy an upholstery item, we tend to neglect the reminders and procedures the sales attendant informs us about the item’s maintenance and cleaning guidelines. Worse, we are using our ways and products to clean these things, which can affect durability and, worse, damage the upholstery.

Failure to use the appropriate products in cleaning and maintenance.

Most of us are not familiar with the right products in handling particular issues in our upholstery items. Instead, we are using the available cleaning products we have without ensuring if it is the right tool to clean the upholstery. This action causes not only harm to your family members, but also it is disastrous and can result in irreparable damages in the upholstery. 

Failure to do the test patch before cleaning.

One essential way of cleaning our upholstery is to check if the products we are going to use are valid and will not damage the item. This checking includes making a test patch or applying the cleaning product to a smaller section of the upholstery. Despite its importance before the cleaning, this action is also one of the things that we neglect, which can affect the appearance of the upholstery item.

Usage of wrong and ineffective cleaning techniques.

Upholstery items are very challenging to clean and maintain. That is why it is essential to prepare everything before the cleaning process. Besides the wrong cleaning products, we also tend to do the wrong ways and techniques in upholstery cleaning. No matter how appropriate the cleaning product we use, it is still ineffective and causes more trouble if we fail to use it the right way. 

Soaking the upholstery in water. 

Assuming that the water is the answer to our upholstery problem is another common mistake when it comes to cleaning. It will not just affect the quality of the upholstery, but worse, too much exposure on the water can cause the item not to dry, which leads to more harmful bacteria and molds inside quickly.

How to Clean the Upholstery Items

With some of the mistakes mentioned when it comes to cleaning our upholstery, the following are some of the ways to save our hard-earned house items from damages and to prevent us from making those mistakes.

Never neglect the owner’s manual.

Part of our responsibility as upholstery owners is to read the manual and information pamphlet religiously. The manual is not present as a display to the purchased upholstery item. Instead, it aims to provide a better understanding of the requirements in maintaining the thing in good condition and avoiding unnecessary damages.

Avoid scrubbing the upholstery.

Scrubbing the upholstered item will never solve an issue to these things, but it can only cause worse results. Instead of scrubbing, use absorbent cloths in blotting some of the stains to absorb it quickly. Besides reducing the chance that the liquid stain can get rubbed, it will also help those stains incorporate beneath the upholstery item.

Consider working the stains using steam clean.

Steam cleaners can be useful, especially in the embedded stains in the upholstery. If you have a steam mop, this can be a great tool in cleaning the upholstery, especially if it features a detailed cleaning arrangement. Moreover, always use a low-heat setting in steam cleaning these items, and it is also crucial to do a test in an unremarkable spot to make sure that the fabric will not be affected by the heat’s adverse reaction. If the material is silk, do not consider using any steam cleaning tool. 

Never use plain water in cleaning microfiber fabrics.

Water is not a solution in dealing with stains from microfiber upholstery. Instead, use rubbing alcohol to clean that fabric. Spray some of it on the stained area, then use a clean and dry cloth to lift the stain as it starts to loosen up.

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