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Your wall-to-wall and stair carpets provide extra protection for your hardwood floors while sprucing your place. However, its absorbent fabric is highly capable of trapping pollen, dust, soils, and other allergens, thereby, making it a breeding ground for molds and mildews.


Consequently, your ideal solution to resolving this concern will be finding the best residential carpet cleaning in Warrenton VA. Fortunately, we at Shiny Carpet Cleaning is one of the trusted local cleaning companies to give you an affordable carpet cleaning price list


Our years of experience paired with continuous learning guarantees an outstanding cleaning service for your heavily stained carpets. For your free consultation and estimates, get in touch with us today.

Being a top-notch carpet cleaning company means giving you a scientific way of removing those stubborn stains and nasty smells from your carpets. Meanwhile, we always offer affordable rates for your average cost for carpet cleaning

Alongside this, we offer five major carpet cleaning methods for the locals:


    • Hot water extraction

It is also called the carpet steam cleaning process, where we precondition your carpets before spraying pressurized hot water over it. To facilitate stirring, we use a counter rotary brush that spins at high-speed to aggressively take down pet danders and stains.


    • Shampooing

We use carpet shampoo that forms bubbles or foam that helps remove those stains and foreign particles out from your lovely carpets.


    • Encapsulation 

We use a patented cleaning powder that forms solid crystals as it dries up on your carpet. After, we are going to vacuum and brush all those powder off from the fabric.


    • Bonnet Cleaning

This one suits well for hotels and business establishments with high foot traffic on their carpets. We use an industrial-grade machine with a rotating pad that brushes off the top-layer dirt on your carpets.


    • Dry Carpet Cleaning 

It’s the latest cleaning method used for commercial establishments, for they need their carpets to be cleaned and dried in a shorter timeframe. The cleaning powder used for this process is highly absorbent like a sponge in trapping dirt and dust. 

We use a high-speed counter-rotating brush in stirring your carpet fibers while pouring out those absorbent powder. Then, we let it sit for a few minutes, before vacuuming it again to remove those deep-seated cleaning powders.

All our carpet cleaning packages are priced economically to fit your finances. You can make use of our carpet cleaning cost estimator to find the approximate cost of your carpet cleaning requirements.

Besides the households, we also serve the business community of Warrenton for their carpet cleaning needs. Some of the commercial clients we have are schools, clinics, hotels, boutiques, malls, and offices. With that, we use customized commercial carpet cleaning service in restoring the beauty and sanitation of their carpets. 


Among the five carpet cleaning methods, our commercial steam carpet cleaning serves you well for deep cleaning outcomes. We use nature-friendly solutions and commercial carpet cleaning machines to facilitate the effectiveness of our service.

Is it worthwhile to avail of a professional carpet cleaning service? Well, here are the best benefits you can enjoy from leaning on professionals for this challenging cleaning task.


  1. It helps you save time and energy from dealing with this chore since it will be tedious, especially when there are pet accidents and spills present.

  2. When your Berber or wool carpets are professionally cleaned, those stains, molds, and allergens will be removed. With that, it cannot produce a foul smell that can pollute your indoor air.

  3. By effectively cleaning your carpets, you are extending its life, since those stains and dirt are no longer there to destroy its fabric construction.

  4. It brings back the elegant looks of your carpets, so your place is pleasing again for your guests, family, and prospective clients. 

We also take pride in being one of the reputable residential carpet cleaning service providers in Warrenton, VA. When it comes to pet accidents and hairs, our residential carpet steam cleaning process can effectively resolve it.


Besides our green cleaning solution, the hot water used in this process will seamlessly disinfect your fabric. After the process, we are going to inspect your carpets; to check if there are zero stains left behind.

It is situated in the center of Virginia, so you can expect to feel the cool vibe of the friendly Southern and modern England aesthetics. Despite its small area, the progress of Warrenton can never be undermined, which makes it a great place for young professionals as well.


Meanwhile, it generally has a clean and crisp environment that supports your healthy lifestyle. If you need a hand with your cleaning chores, such as carpet cleaning, then leaning on professionals is a great idea.


Luckily, Shiny Carpet Cleaning is here for you. Our affordable cleaning packages will serve you well for this matter, keeping your family and workers away from sickness.

If you need a free estimate or advice, directly call our office or fill out our online request form. Otherwise, book for an onsite inspection for a minimal price, which we can deduct from your carpet cleaning total cost.


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We have two shag rugs and two large dogs, all have definitely had better days. With COVID 19, my husband and I are in our house all the time now and really started to notice how bad of shape the rugs were in. I called Shiny Carpet Cleaning and the guy was super helpful. The whole thing was contactless and at a great price! I would definitely recommend them.

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Maria G.

Yelp Reviews

Awesome customer service and awesome job on the carpets. Tech showed up on time and was very professional. Very reasonable and fair pricing as well. Been using Shiny now for several years. Highly recommended.

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Brian Bullock

Facebook Reviews

To include punctuality & value. The staff was very courteous, responded to my questions and a real nice guy. The carpet was steamed clean thoroughly and the result made me really pleased. Thank you Shiny for your service. Anyone else need carpet cleaning? Call Shiny for great service

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Veronica B.

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Our technicians are carefully trained to ensure your home or business safe.

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We use EPA-registered disinfectant that is effective against Coronavirus

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Thorough cleaning to remove biofilms from all surfaces.

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We are in business since 2006

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Our technicians are carefully trained to ensure your home or business safe.

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We use EPA-registered disinfectant that is effective against Coronavirus

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We follow CDC recommendations and guidelines.

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We use EPA approved spray system

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Thorough cleaning to remove biofilms from all surfaces.

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We are in business since 2006


We are in business since 2006. Over the decade, we have significantly improved our workmanship and have offered meticulous solutions.


Our 100% positive feedback from customers prove that we offer a customer satisfaction service.


By keeping your busy schedule in mind, a special “Same Day” service is provided by our experts.

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We use environmentally friendly materials that are non-toxic; yet, clean the dirt efficiently!


We do not just offer the best services but our estimates are the least expensive that you’ll find in the area!


Our highly-trained staff is insured, licensed and bonded. All our cleaners are highly motivated to offer professional services.

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