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Is It Worth It To Spend Money On A Residential Carpet Cleaning Service?

Carpets are great additions to your home. They add warmth and coziness to your floor. They also protect them from scratches and dust. But when they sit longer without cleaning, they’re like dirt magnets. Absorbing all dust and grime on your floor.

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You have two options there – wash your carpets on your own, or hire a cleaning company that can do it for you. It ill it be worthwhile to choose the latter? In this article, we’re going to share with you the reasons and benefits of hiring a professional carpet cleaner.

Extend the life of your carpets

The average life of carpets is around five to fifteen years. If you have pets in the house, that can hasten the aging of your carpets. Their pet urine, poo, and hairs ruin the conditions of your carpets. If you let these things linger on the fabric, it can damage them.

That said, machine carpet cleaning residential service is your best option. We have truck mounts and heavy-duty vacuums for washing and drying your soiled carpets. The average cost of residential carpet cleaning is $123 to $250. For this amount, you can extend the life of your carpets. You don’t have to shell out $250 to $500 for buying a new carpet. 

Keep your indoor air clean and fresh

Your carpets act like sponges. They absorb almost anything, like your pet’s urine and feces, their furs, and even the dust on your footwear. All this debris makes your fabric smell awful. They pollute your indoor air, and this can cause respiratory concerns for you and your loved ones.

To prevent that, you need to wash your carpets and remove that dirt and grime. One of the carpet cleaning tips you can do is shampooing or bonnet cleaning for your carpets. But if you don’t have the proper equipment and time to do it, then hiring the best residential carpet cleaning service near you is your ultimate solution.

By hiring an expert, you’re confident that they know what to do to restore the hygienic conditions of your carpets. Like us, we inspect the fabric first. We check for stains, holes, and damages on your carpets. After that, we’re going to advise what’s the best carpet cleaning methods to apply to revive the cleanliness of your carpets.

Effectively remove stains

Stains on your rugs and carpets come from various sources. It could be from your spilled coffee, juice, or wine. It could come from your pet waste, or from the soil on your shoes and slippers. Regardless of the source, stains will be there to ruin the appearance of your carpets.

Spot treatment is one method to remove stains on fabrics. Residential carpet cleaning companies would inspect the kind of stain and fabric, before applying any stain eraser on your carpets. That’s one major benefit you’ll get from hiring a professional cleaning company for your carpet cleaning requirements.

Less Stress for New Home Buyers or Tenants

Home buyers will always look into the interior of the property. They’re going to check the cabinets, countertops, tiles, floors, and other items inside the house. Of course, they’re going to notice your carpets since they occupy a large space in your home.

If you want to sell your property faster, make sure it’s clean and presentable. Adding carpets is ideal to make your home more pleasing to your prospect buyers or tenants. 

If there are stains on the carpets, that’ll be a headache for your prospect clients. They would be discouraged to see dingy carpets since that would give them the impression that the property is not properly taken care of.

Therefore, make sure your rugs and carpets are clean. Ensure other things there are working and are free of dust and grime. There are easy to follow house cleaning tips that could help you do this by yourself.  

Reasonable Rates

The industry rate for residential carpet cleaning is between $125 to $250. This compared to purchasing a new carpet at $500 to $1,000 is cheaper. The price of carpets has dramatically increased this time due to the higher cost of logistics, labor, and materials. Therefore, maintaining your old carpets is a more cost-efficient option.

If you get extras for carpet cleaning, below are some price estimates:

  • Stain spot removal: $25 per stain
  • Odor removal: $20 for one room
  • Disinfection: $25 for one room
  • Applying a stain-repellent coat: $35 for one room
  • Staircase carpet cleaning: $3 per step

Price varies per cleaning company and your location. So, you need to get a free quote if the company offers one. That’s for you to find out how much you’re expecting to pay for hiring them. You can ask for a free quote for three to five cleaning companies near you offering residential carpet cleaning services. You can also compare carpet cleaning costs and see which one works best for you. 

Save time

If you have plenty of free time, you can handle washing your carpets on your own. But if you’re working, or handling a business, it’ll be more worthwhile for you to pass this task to an expert. By doing that, you have more time to focus on your income-generating activities. Or, you can allocate that time to relax and spend bonding moments with family.

A reliable carpet cleaner can effectively wash and dry your carpets in a shorter period than doing this by yourself. Washing carpets could take three to four hours, and then drying takes around an entire night.

Meanwhile, professionals have the equipment to speed up this process. For instance, we have truck mounts for carpet steam cleaning. Our stackable air movers hasten the drying process for your wet carpets. We also have powerful wet/dry vacuums to assist with our carpet cleaning methods.

These things help us do better in restoring the reputation of your rugs and carpets. Plus, we have annual training to hone our skills and knowledge of the best practices in the industry.

Need a free estimate? Request one from us today!

We offer a free estimate service for homeowners to help them decide whether it’ll be worth it or not to hire a professional. All our proposals are transparent, outlining the scope of work for that specific price range. We’re doing this to ensure you’re getting the best customer service for the most reasonable rate.

Still on the fence about hiring a professional carpet cleaner? Don’t be since we are here to make your life easier when it comes to keeping your home clean and comfortable.

Do you have any questions about carpet cleaning? Feel free to contact us today! Our experts will share their best knowledge to help you with these cleaning dilemmas. Call our office today!

For free consultation about disinfection services, call us or simply visit us on Facebook!

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