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Infection Control Tips: How to Properly Clean Your Furniture

When the terrible virus known as covid-19 appeared it made a lot of people afraid of getting sick or dying as well as hoping that they could take steps to avoid the virus like using the best techniques for furniture cleaning. Folks were wondering how long the virus could survive on surfaces like furniture and started looking for the best furniture cleaner to use to kill the virus.

It turned out that the virus spreading by surfaces is not such a big deal as people originally worried about, but getting your furniture cleaning done the right way is still a great idea to kill any bacteria or viruses as well as helping the furniture to look better and last longer by removing dirt and debris. The best option to control infections and clean your furniture properly is always to hire professional furniture cleaning services.

Furniture cleaning services will know all the best techniques to get your furniture clean and control any possible infectious agents lurking on the furniture. You can clean furniture yourself, but it is a lot of work to do it properly and you just never know how it will turn out.

For those of you wondering the best ways to clean your furniture and control infections, this article will explain some of the best advice from professional cleaners on how to get that furniture clean and get rid of any infections. 

Before Furniture Cleaning

To figure out the best technique to clean your furniture, first you want to find out what sort of material it is made of and what sort of cleaning methods will work best, without damaging the furniture. You do need to be careful that the techniques you are using to clean furniture are not actually wearing down the furniture or destroying it in any way.

To find what type of material your furniture is made of, you can check to see if it has a manufacturer’s tag on it. If it does, you are in luck because this tag will tell you exactly what the furniture is made of, and may even have some cleaning instructions on it.

Now that you have identified the type of furniture you want to clean, you can follow this guide to get your furniture clean and free of infections.

Outdoor Furniture Cleaning

Being able to sit outside on some nice furniture, enjoying a sunny day is a real treat, but your furniture can get really dirty and can even harbor infections. To accomplish outdoor furniture cleaning there are many good techniques and usually outdoor furniture can withstand a lot of cleaning products. 

If your furniture is made from some plastic material, you can pretty much just scrub it hard with any sort of anti- bacterial furniture cleaning product. Be sure that you scrub inside of little crevices where dirt and bacteria can get stuck. You can even take a power washer to plastic furniture and not worry about it being too hard on the furniture.

Cleaning wood furniture that is made for the outdoors is a little more delicate than plastic. If the wood furniture is finished with paint or a clear varnish, you can wipe it all down with an anti- bacterial dish soap or with a diluted vinegar solution. Be a little more careful if the wood is unfinished, just gently wipe it with a mild detergent to get rid of any dirt, algae or infections. 

For cleaning furniture made of metal, you can scrub it with a diluted bleach solution and you can blast it with a power washer.

Upholstered outdoor furniture will need some more care when cleaning. Be sure to read the tags on outdoor upholstered furniture. They can usually withstand some water, so use a good laundry detergent to scrub at the upholstery and get rid of any stains. Be sure that you do this on a good sunny day, where the upholstered furniture will have ample opportunity to dry out. 

Indoor Furniture Cleaning

Indoor furniture is a lot more delicate and you should use a lot of care when trying to clean it. The best way to get indoor furniture really clean is to hire a furniture cleaning company to come and do the work for you. They will have all of the best tools for the job and have a lot of experience to get your furniture cleaned the right way.

It is extra important to read the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning your indoor furniture. It can be easy to ruin good furniture by cleaning it the wrong way. Always follow the instructions on the furniture and your cleaning should be a success.

For upholstered furniture the most important thing is not to get the upholstery too wet. Never let the inner cushioning get wet, as it can be really tough to dry it and then viruses, bacteria and even mold can start to grow and make you sick or ruin the furniture. 

Always start by vacuuming up as much of the dirt as you can. Use gentle cleaning products and don’t use too much moisture. If you can remove the upholstery from the cushions, you can do a lot better job of cleaning them, maybe even putting them through the washing machine.

For leather furniture you want to start by vacuuming the furniture regularly. You can put a mild cleaner on a damp rag and wipe down all of the surfaces of leather. If your furniture looks like the color is fading, you may need to purchase a leather restoration kit to get its color back.

For indoor wood furniture be sure that you wipe all of its surfaces with a mild cleaner. Test the cleaner on a hidden spot, to make sure that it is not damaging to the wood’s finish. If the wood furniture is looking faded, you may need to sand it and refinish it, which is a lot of work.

For metal furniture indoors, clean it with a strong anti-bacterial cleaner. Some metal furniture you may have to polish occasionally. Brass and copper has been shown to kill viruses and even covid- 19 can’t survive on copper or brass for very long.

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