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How To Clean Wooden And Leather Furniture At Home?

How To Clean Wooden And Leather Furniture At Home?

Your leather and wooden furniture and upholstery add life and style to your interior space. Also, you spent a sufficient amount of money on it, so you need to properly maintain it to make it last longer.

If you are looking for effective DIY means of cleaning and polishing your furniture, then you are in the right place. In this read, we are going to share with you the best practices on this matter without spending so much.

Nevertheless, you can always hire your local furniture cleaning services, in case you need professional assistance. You can search online or ask for referrals for a reliable cleaning company, yet you can also just lean on us Shiny Carpet Cleaning

Without further delays, let’s dive in.

Easy Life Hacks for Cleaning Your Wooden Furniture

Before we go on with the cleaning process, let’s first take a look at the practical tips you need to know to efficiently maintain the beauty of your wooden furniture.

1. Daily Dose of Dusting

You cannot undermine those specks of dust on your wooden surfaces, because it can decrease the luster and durability of your organic material. With that, you can use a clean damp cloth to wipe off your wooden surfaces.

We recommend that you do this every day or at least three to four times per week. The wiping process only takes around two to five minutes, depending on how much wooden furniture you have in your residence.

2. Avoid Ammonia-Based Wooden Cleaners

Always read the label when you are buying wooden cleaning solutions. It must never have ammonia in its components because it can remove the natural gloss of your wooden surface. 

3. Once A Week of Waxing

You can find eco-friendly wax that you can apply or coat on your wooden furniture. It enhances water resistance and gloss of your wooden furniture, making it last longer.

4. Use A Cloth Cover

If you have wooden furniture outside your house, it is best to protect it from natural elements like water, moisture, dust, and sunlight. To do that, use a cloth to cover your furniture and reduce its exposure to these natural elements.

Furthermore, you also need to avoid exposing your wooden fixtures to air conditioning because it can cause expansion and warping. Also, you can avail yourself of local outdoor furniture cleaning services to restore the vigor and polished looks of your wooden upholstery.

5. Avoid Placing Hot Items On Top

Take note, you usually coat your wooden tables with wax, so placing a hot pan or casserole on top will burn its wax coating. With that, use hot trivets or pads before placing those hot objects on top.

Steps For Cleaning Your Wooden Furniture


  • Cloth rags
  • Bucket
  • Dishwashing soap solution
  • Sponge
  • Cotton balls
  • Mineral spirit

1. Wash it using a dishwashing soap solution.

Dilute your dishwashing solution in warm water, and then immerse your sponge into it. Squeeze it, and then use that to wipe off dust and grime on those wooden surfaces.

You can use your cotton balls to clean those narrow spaces and curves on your wooden furniture.

2. Use Mineral Spirit as an alternative cleaning solution.

You can go to your nearby store and buy a mineral spirit used for cleaning wood surfaces. Read the label before cleaning to avoid any damages to your wooden fixtures. 

You can use your sponge, rag, or cotton balls in dipping it to your mineral spirit, then wiping it off on your wooden surfaces. Take note, test to wipe off a small surface of your wood first, to check if there is any discoloration with the mineral spirit. 

3. Refinish your wooden furniture

Wood refinishing may use shellac, polyurethane, lacquer, or varnish. For you to determine which one to use, dap a cotton ball on your rubbing alcohol and wipe it to your wooden surface.

If there is discoloration, then you can use shellac; yet if it doesn’t, then use polyurethane, lacquer, or varnish.

4. Hire A Professional 

If you are not satisfied with your DIY wood cleaning regimen, then get in touch with your local cleaning service provider. In line with this, our furniture steam cleaning process is the best when it comes to safe deep cleaning action. 

For your inquiries and appointments, call us today.

Steps For Cleaning Your Leather Furniture At Home

Materials Needed:

  • A vacuum cleaner with upholstery cleaning attachments
  • Vinegar
  • Bucket
  • Cotton balls
  • Soft microfiber

1. Vacuum

Remove that first-layer of dust, pet danders, and hair from your leather couches and loveseats by vacuuming it. Make sure to use those upholstery tool attachments to make your job more efficient. 

Vacuum the sides and corners of your leather upholsteries, to ensure no food crumbs, soils, and hairs are left behind.

2. Thoroughly Inspect Its Condition

Have a keen eye on the condition of your leather sofas and upholsteries, so you will know if some parts are damaged or worn out. If there are damages, then it’s best to let professionals repair it for a reasonable price.

In line with this, we include minor and major repairs as an add-on service for our leather furniture cleaning packages. 

3. Get Rid of the Grease and Body Oils

Seeing those marks of dried grease and body oils can turn off the appeal of your lovely leather furniture. To efficiently remove that, you can dilute your vinegar in water (1:1 ratio), then dap your cotton or microfiber into it, then wipe that on your leather surfaces.

After, use a clean dry cloth to rinse and dry off your leather upholsteries.

4. Baking Soda

Another way of cleaning those grease marks is by sprinkling a small amount of baking soda over it. Let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes, then wipe it off with a dry cloth. Never use water in this process, as it can worsen the problem.

5. Rubbing Alcohol

If there are ink stains on your leather sofas, then dap a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol and slowly wipe that on the stained part. It also helps disinfect and decontaminate molds on your leather couches.

6. Lemon Juice

If there are dark spots on your leather seats and sofas, then mix a 1:1 ratio of lemon juice and cream of tartar on a small bowl. Continue mixing until you reach a paste-like texture. 

Then, dap a cotton ball on your mixture and apply that to the affected area. Let it sit for a couple of minutes, then wipe off with a clean dry cloth.

Need Professional Assistance?

If you need a reliable cleaning company for sanitizing and decontaminating your wooden and leather furniture, then Shiny Carpet Cleaning is here for you. We offer free estimate service and consultation by calling our hotline today.

Fill out our request form to ask for a free estimate or book an onsite inspection for an affordable price, which is deductible from your total cleaning cost.

Get your free quote by calling us anytime or check us on Instagram now.

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