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Increase The Lifespan Of Your Furniture Using These Tips

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Investing for the finishing, fixtures, and furniture inside your home and office is never cheap. Perhaps, a complete set of couch, love seat and bar stools can cost more than $2,500. You don’t want to waste your investment on these things for just one year, right?

In that case, we’ll be sharing some practical tips on how you can efficiently maintain the condition and beauty of your expensive furniture without breaking the bank. Moreover, you can always call for your local furniture cleaning services to have it deeply sanitized and restored in its genuine looks.

Without any delays, let’s start.

Upon Seeing Any Furniture Damage, Fix It Immediately

Technically, the durability and aesthetics of your furniture solely depend on the material and its craftsmanship. If your furniture is made from laminates and medium-density fiberboard, then the more you need to inspect for any damages (water damage or torn fabrics), and quickly fix that on the spot.

Be sure to fix those minor and major damages before availing of an outdoor furniture cleaning from your local cleaning companies. Why? To avoid making those cuts and rip-offs worse, which can be irreparable.

Make A Habit of Keeping It Clean

Just like any other things inside your home, when you make it a habit to clean them frequently, you are lessening the burden of serious stains, foul odor, and water damages. Your upholstered furniture and leather couches need delicate attention in their proper cleaning and maintenance process.

Be sure to have it vacuumed or wipe down with a clean cloth once in a while to remove those grease, dust, and body oils. Meanwhile, you also have the option of availing professional furniture steam cleaning for all your lucrative sofas, ottoman, love seat, and wooden furniture.

Maintain A Conducive Area For Your Furniture and Upholstery

Whether you have wooden, leather, or upholstered furniture, keeping its great looks and structure means maintaining your place safe for them. How? Well, for your wooden furniture, they have a low resistance to direct sunlight and moisture, so you need to have those blinds or curtain bloc to filter UV rays.

Meanwhile, always keep your place dry, cool, and clean for your upholstery and leather furniture. With that, you are effectively prolonging its lifespan and avoiding those nicks and cracks on its surfaces.

On the other hand, you can also go for a leather furniture cleaning service, so you will have a cost-efficient way of keeping the elegant appeal of your leather seats and couches.

Only Use Neutral or Mild Cleaning Products for Furniture Cleaning

Before cleaning your furniture, make sure you have read the label for its washing instructions. As a rule of thumb, you will only use mild or neutral cleaning solutions when sanitizing or steam cleaning your upholstered furniture.

Never use any strong bleaching agents to remove stains sticking in those couches or ottomans, for it will ruin fabric construction. Besides that, it will cause discoloration so your furniture will lose its luster and shine.

Also, never use any abrasive scrubber for your furniture and upholstery cleaning processes, or else you will see lots of scratch marks after.

Apply Stain Proof Agents

Besides proper cleaning, you can also invest in stain proofing agents applied on your leather seats, sofas, and upholstered furniture. In line, you can buy one from any store and apply it on your own, or you can hire a professional to do it.

Indeed, you will have to spend more for this, yet it’s worthwhile because stain proofing service from professionals comes with a money-back guarantee or warranty service. 

With that, you won’t panic even if there are serious stains from pet accidents, wine, grapefruit, and inks.

Focus Cleaning On Nooks and Hidden Areas

It’s a common mistake that we only clean what’s usually visible to our eyes, not knowing that those stubborn stains accumulate on the hidden areas of your furniture and upholstery. When you’re unable to clean those narrow spots, you will be surprised to see them piled up when you hire a professional cleaning service.

Use those upholstery cleaning tools and connect them with your main vacuum cleaner. Have the patience to reach those hard-to-reach areas to avoid damages and worse stain scenarios. 

Don’t Let Your Pets Get Near Your Furniture and Upholstery

Besides your food crumbs, inks, and grapefruit spills, your friendly pets are the worst nemesis of your leather and upholstered furniture. Your pets’ urine, feces, and hairs are the common reasons why your sofa and loveseats will have that pungent smell and yellowish stains.

In line, your best action for this will be prevention, meaning keep your dogs and cats away from your lovely furniture sets. However, when it’s inevitable, blot the stain and never scrub it over the surface.

Further, use appropriate cleaning products to remove stain color and foul odor from your couches and leather sofas. Nevertheless, you can always hire a professional to treat these cumbersome pet accidents.

Keep Food And Drinks Away from Your Sofas and Furniture

There’s a reason why you have a dining table or kitchen island, so it’s best if you eat there instead of doing it on your couch. Why? Those crumbs and food debris will fall to your sofa and roll over to the sides where it gets stuck for a while.

When you leave it uncleaned, it will attract insects and molds which can ruin the fabric of your upholstery. Therefore, never bring your food to your couch or any upholstered furniture.

Use Cork or Felt Pads

Let’s face it, we also place decorative items on top of our furniture. It can be a pot or small vase of ornamental plant, aquarium, terrarium, or small fixtures and action figures. However, we forget the possible dents, scratches, or water stains it can bring to the surface of your furniture.

Therefore, to avoid those mishaps, you can use a cork or felt pads before placing those decorative items on top of your furniture.

Go For Basic Styles

We understand that there are specific trending designs and materials for furniture, and you can’t help but purchase it. It is tempting to go with the fads and fashion every year, yet how much are you spending each time you update your furniture?

Right, it is expensive to change your upholstery, sofas, ottoman, and wooden furniture year on year, so we recommend that you opt for a basic style. Choose a standard style where you can just update its cover to suit your mood or home decor.

With that, you have a more convenient way of keeping your furniture clean and fabulous.

Need A Hand With Furniture Cleaning?

At Shiny Carpet Cleaning, we always offer an affordable price range for your furniture cleaning services. We use eco-friendly cleaning products and powerful cleaning equipment that makes our services efficient and accurate.

Call now to schedule an onsite inspection and quotation for a cheap fee, which we can waive or deduct from your overall billing.

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