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How to Protect and Clean Your White Furniture

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There are different color palettes to choose from for your furniture and remodeling theme. If you want a classic iconic hue in your home, then choosing white furniture is a winning choice.

Its stunning beauty is undeniable for most homeowners and remodelers. White hue for your furniture and remodeling increases the spacious appeal of your home without breaking any walls. Likewise, it adds a more crisp, airy, and neat feeling inside your living area, kitchen, and bedroom.

However, the main setback of white furniture will be its susceptibility to stains and spots. If you have any solid idea on how to properly address stain and foul odor removal from your white upholstery, then good that you are here. Nonetheless, hiring furniture cleaning services is your last resort for this dilemma.

Essential Steps: Sanitizing and Preserving White Upholstery and Furniture

We have compiled some of the standard practices for cleaning and preserving the hue and condition of your white upholstered furniture. The majority of these are tips coming from outdoor furniture cleaning services near you. Look into it to find out more.

1. Prevention Is Better: Protect It From Spills

Most remodelers and furniture cleaning services would highly emphasize the importance of avoiding spills from your white loveseats, ottomans, and couches. Your best option is to apply a stain guard on your white upholstery.

You can either buy a commercial stain guard from your nearby hardware or grocery store and be the one to apply it. Meanwhile, your second option will be hiring a professional cleaning service to do it.

2. Consider Using Slipcovers

If you are not into a stain guard application, then buying a slipcover for your white upholstery is your second-best choice. It fairly keeps dust and spills away from getting direct contact with your white furniture and ruin its reputation.

Once there are spills and stains in your slipcovers, you can remove it and toss it for laundry. Be sure to keep an extra slipcover so that your white upholstered furniture is still protected, while you are washing the soiled slipcover.

3. Be Prepared Always: Keep a Spot Cleaner Kit

There will be inevitable instances where a wine or coffee spill can go to your white furniture. To avoid letting this stain hard to remove, you need to immediately do spot cleaning.

Time is always an essence when it comes to stains, for the longer, it stays on your fabric, the harder to remove it. Make sure to keep a spot cleaner kit in your drawer or cabinet.

Further, we also do spot cleaning for our leather furniture cleaning services. Besides white furniture, leather furniture is a good investment in lifting the classic and eloquent appeal of your residence and office.

4. Use Lint Rollers For Pet Danders and Fabric Residue

Seeing pet dander or fluff from your white upholstery and furniture decreases its integrity and beauty. An easy way to remove this debris is using a lint roller. Simply roll it over your upholstered furniture and it can effectively remove those pet hairs and lines in no time.

We usually do this procedure before applying our furniture steam cleaning process. We use pressurized hot water to dissolve all stains and grime ruining the condition and aesthetics of your upholstered furniture.

5. Perform Deep Cleaning Periodically

Your daily basic sanitation and dusting from your white upholstery and wooden furniture work fine. However, it cannot deeply take out those molds, dust mites, mildews, and smell from your soiled upholstered furniture.

Consequently, you need to hire a professional furniture cleaning service like Shiny Carpet Cleaning. We have a proven reputation in effectively sanitizing and disinfecting furniture and upholstery in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and the Washington DC area.

Cleaning and Preserving White Wood Furniture

Besides white upholstered furniture, white wooden furniture is a popular choice for sprucing modern homes and offices. It adds vibrancy and sleek modern minimalist appeal in your home remodeling.

White wooden furniture blends well with bronze, copper, chrome, or stainless steel hardware and finishes. However, proper cleaning and maintenance must be observed to preserve the utmost condition and integrity of these items.

Below are some essential tips for keeping your white wooden furniture glamour throughout the year.

Avoid long exposure with sunlight

Your white timber furniture must be placed away from direct sunlight because it can slowly turn yellow. Avoid discoloration and losing its pristine white beauty by keeping it under the shade away from the sun.

Wipe Off Fingerprints and Smudges

You can use a soft cloth or microfiber for wiping off body oils, smudges, and fingerprints in your white furniture. Use a neutral mild soap solution and lightly dampen your microfiber before wiping those surfaces. After, use another clean cloth for wiping it dry.

Hire A Furniture Cleaning Service

Similar to your upholstery and carpets, you need to hire a professional indoor and outdoor furniture cleaning service to deeply sanitizing your white timber furniture. We have the skills and proper cleaning materials to efficiently restore the integrity of your luxurious white upholstery and furniture.

Get Your Free Estimate From Shiny Carpet Cleaning

We are one of the go-to local furniture cleaning services that have a solid track record for innovative and safe furniture steam cleaning processes. Likewise, we got your back for affordable leather furniture cleaning methods.

If you need a free estimate for your white furniture cleaning requirements, you can fill out our online request form. We shall give you a response within 24 hours. Meanwhile, you can call our hotline and book for an in-house estimate. It comes at a minimal service fee, that we can waive of offset from your total cleaning cost.

Shiny Carpet Cleaning is licensed and bonded to perform residential and commercial cleaning services in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and the greater Washington DC area.

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