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Tips On How To Maintain Your Upholstery After Professional Cleaning

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The average life of upholstered furniture is around five to seven years. But you can extend that by cleaning it regularly. We’re also going to share tips on how to maintain them after cleaning.

The key to extending the life of your furniture at home or in the office is getting a professional upholstery cleaning service. It maximizes your investment, gives your home or office a fresh new look, and keeps your environment healthy and clean. 

However, you may have to pay a decent amount in terms of professional upholstery cleaning cost. Therefore, it is your responsibility to maintain the beauty and cleanliness of your furniture after the professional hands it over to you. Upholstery cleaning and keeping them in good condition is quite a challenging task, to help you around here are some tips for you: 

Simple Maintenance Tips after Professional Upholstery Cleaning

Clean upholstery regularly

Dust and unwanted dirt often settle and build up almost everything in your home, including your upholstery. Giving it some basic cleaning will prevent these unwanted materials from building up.

If you cannot clean your furniture regularly, then make sure to clean it every alternate day or at least once a week. If you could afford the cost of maid services, then you could surely hire one to make sure that your home is thoroughly clean. Vacuuming once a week is one of the ways in cleaning upholstery. This helps remove things that are hidden inside your upholstery, such as bacteria, allergens, germs, and dust. 

Plumped up your cushions frequently

After each use, ensure to plump your cushions. Do it at the end of each day to keep them in good shape. This is highly recommended for cushions filled with feathers and/or fibers. Change the cushion from one section of the sofa to another, this will help secure even usage. Also, rotate your cushions because some seats are used more than others. 

Clean Stains Immediately

This is, by far, one of the most effective house cleaning tips. Accidents around the house are inevitable, it could happen on your favorite couch. Make sure to clean any spills or stains immediately- the longer it sits, the higher risk of the stain becoming permanent. There are plenty of DIY hacks you can find to remove stains from your upholstery. 

Always test your product and read the manufacturer’s instructions before applying them directly to your upholstery. You can also stick to the specialized cleaning products designed to use for your upholstery fabric. 

Ensure proper ventilation

Upholstery cleaning doesn’t only require soap and water, but also includes proper ventilation. Good air circulation can help control odors and other air pollutants, as they can be easily absorbed by your furniture. This will also help get rid of moisture, which is one cause of damage to its finish and the wood.

Ensuring proper ventilation can be as simple as opening the windows, pointing a fan to an open window, and installing exhaust fans. You also need to schedule monthly or quarterly cleaning on your HVAC system. That helps maintain a clean air filter and no molds growing on your ductworks. If you think you have a severe case of mold infestation, you can always hire a professional mold damage restoration service

Avoid direct sunlight and other elements

Position your furniture away from exposure to direct sunlight for a long period of time. This includes keeping it away from open windows, this way it is protected from other elements such as rainwater spray, fumes, smoke, and airborne pollutants. These elements can make the material fade and fray over time.

You can have blinds on your windows, or have them tinted to block some sunlight. UV rays can speed up the aging of your upholstered furniture.

Cover your furniture

One of the parts of your upholstery that get dirty faster is your armrest and slip. These are considered high-use areas, thus, they can absorb elements like dirt, oil, and dead skin cells very quickly. Getting a beautiful sofa cover or slipcover serves as decoration and protection. 

You can make use of a tablecloth, sheet, or blanket and convert it to become a cover or buy a new piece of fabric. Slipcovers are essential as they absorb unwanted elements in your sofa, cushions, and armrests. 

Apply Scotchgard on your upholstery

A useful way to prevent spills or oil from penetrating into the fibers, which will result in stains, is to use a protector. Basically, it is an invisible cover or plastic layer which safeguards the furniture and keeps it clean, and in supreme condition. 

One of the plasticizing agents that are recommended by most upholstery cleaning companies is Scotchgard. It is a very effective and fabric-friendly solution for your upholstery.

Frequently Asked Questions about Upholstery Cleaning and Maintenance

How often should you clean your upholstery?

Deep upholstery cleaning should be done twice a year, even before they look untidy. Experts recommend this to keep your upholstery looking fresh.

What is the best way to clean upholstery?

The key to keeping your upholstery hygienic and in pristine condition is maintenance. Vacuum the surface regularly and treat any spills and stains immediately. 

Does steam cleaning remove stains from upholstery?

Experts recommend steam cleaning to remove the dirt, germs, and bacteria that could settle or build up in your upholstery.

Can you DIY upholstery cleaning at home?

There are DIY ideas you can find online for upholstery cleaning, however, it has a potential risk to the health of your environment in your home. One of the setbacks of administering DIY cleaning is over-wetting your furniture, which can develop mildew and mold growths, which is harmful to your family’s health. 

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