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How To Green Clean the Grout In Your Shower & Bathroom

Tile grout cleaning

Cleaning the grouts in bathroom tiles is a cumbersome task that requires extensive attention. It is highly porous, so it can be a good site for the growth of molds and mildews. When you have a dingy and dark grout, it greatly depresses the aesthetics and hygiene of your shower and bath.

If cleaning your grouts has been your all-year cry, then our tips here for your porcelain tile cleaning will help you make a huge difference. These ideas we are about to share can be quickly done inside your home, so you can bring back the oasis and cool feel inside your shower area.

However, if you do not have enough time to deal with your dark grouts, then you can call us for your tile grout cleaning service. Shiny Carpet Cleaning has a well-established reputation when it comes to residential and commercial cleaning services. Give us a short call right now.

What Are the Materials You Will Need

Here is the list of household materials you can use for cleaning your dingy tiles and grouts.

  • Baking soda
  • Bleach
  • Vinegar
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • A used or new toothbrush
  • Spray bottle
  • Mixing bowl

These things will greatly alleviate your grout cleaning requirements without breaking a bank. In contrast, professional cleaning services utilize innovative tools and cleaning products that shall give your bathroom tiles and grout a longer lasting cleaning impact.

Option 1: Tile Grout Cleaning Using Vinegar

You can create a solution of vinegar and water at a 1:1 ratio. Then, place your vinegar solution inside the spray bottle and apply sufficient mists on the dingy grouts and tiles.

Allow the solution to work on the grout for five minutes, and then brush it using a used or new toothbrush. Once you are done brushing the grimy tiles and grouts, rinse it with lukewarm water.

We also use this for our tile cleaning services along with other cleaning products and equipment.

Option 2: Prepare a Paste-like Baking Soda Mixture

In a mixing bowl, produce a paste-like mixture of baking soda and water. Once you have achieved this texture, you can use your toothbrush and dip it into the bowl. To enhance its stain removal properties, you can combine baking soda and hydrogen peroxide in producing your paste-like mixture.

This mixture will provide both sanitation and disinfection purposes that shall eradicate the growth of molds and mildews. 

Before you scrub your toothbrush, spray a mist of vinegar solution to the dingy grout. After, scrub your toothbrush with baking soda paste on that same area. Finally, rinse with lukewarm water afterward.

Option 3: Hydrogen Peroxide for Tough Stains

Meanwhile, there will be some yellowish or rust-brown stains from molds and mildews on your bathroom grouts and tiles. In that case, you can spray a mist of hydrogen peroxide on those stained areas.

Its extra oxygen helps kill molds and mildews, giving you a cleaner tile and grout. Likewise, those yellowish stains are easier to brush off because of the oxygenation action of hydrogen peroxide. We apply this technique as well for our grout cleaning services.

Option 4: Using Bleach for Tile Grout Cleaning

Bleach is one of the traditional cleaning agents used by homeowners in restoring the white and clean appeal of their bathroom tiles and grouts. For this option, you can make a dilute bleach solution and place it inside your spray bottle.

Apply substantial mists on your dark bathroom tiles and grouts to soften stains and kill those microbes. After, use your brush and scrub off those surfaces until no more stains are left. Be sure to wear rubber gloves when cleaning your grouts and tiles, so that your hands won’t get irritated.

Weekly Tile and Grout Cleaning

For you to enjoy clean and white bathroom tiles and grout, you need to have a weekly cleaning habit. Every day, you use your shower and bath area, which means dirt and moisture accumulate on those porous grouts.

The humid and damp environment of your bathroom is highly conducive to the growth of molds and mildews. When you leave those microbes to grow, it will create a yellowish stain on your grouts and tiles. Consequently, you need to make it a habit to perform weekly porcelain tile cleaning inside your house.

Crisp and Cool Shower and Bath

You deserve a relaxing and cool bathroom ambiance, yet you cannot achieve that with dingy and yellowish tiles and grouts. The presence of these molds and mildews greatly contaminates the air inside your shower area.

Your basic bathroom cleaning habits work fine, yet you need to have a periodic deep cleaning regimen done by a professional tile cleaning service. Shiny Carpet Cleaning is an authority when it comes to safe and effective grout steam cleaning service.

We use green cleaning products and powerful cleaning machines to efficiently take down the hardest stains present in your bathroom tiles and grouts. Our grout cleaning service is highly recognized by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) due to its effectiveness and reasonable price.

Our cleaners are highly trained and experienced with all facets of house and bathroom cleaning protocols. No matter where you are in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington DC, we will be there when you need us to be.

Get Your Free Estimate Today

Shiny Carpet Cleaning offers reasonable and fair pricing for our all-around grout steam cleaning solutions. We never do guesswork in our tile grout cleaning services. We guarantee to restore the oasis and comfortable ambiance in your shower and bath in no time.

You can fill out our request form to ask for a free estimate. Likewise, you can call our hotline today to schedule an in-house inspection and estimate. It will come at a nominal fee which we can waive or offset from your total cleaning cost.

Together, we shall make a difference from your usual bathroom cleaning standards.

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