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How Much Does it Cost to Clean a Carpet in Bowie MD?

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If you are searching for a carpet cleaning service in Bowie, MD, one of the questions on your mind is probably about how much does carpet cleaning cost in Bowie, MD? Finding out the right carpet cleaning cost in Bowie, MD is a smart way to make sure that you are getting a good deal, and also that the company is legitimate and not scamming you.

This article will help you to find the true professional carpet cleaning cost in Bowie, MD so that you can find a great carpet cleaning service at a great price. The thing is that carpet cleaning prices in Bowie, MD depend on a few factors that you should also understand, so we will go over some different situations that may affect the cost of carpet cleaning in Bowie, MD.

Reading this post will not only help you to find the average cost of carpet cleaning in Bowie, MD, but you will also gain a better understanding of carpet cleaning services and why you end up paying what you do.

Average Carpet Cost of Carpet Cleaning Bowie, MD

The average cost for a carpet cleaning in the local area is about $187, according to homeyou.com. This compares with the national average of about $202. Most people end up paying in the range of $165 to $210 to have a carpet cleaning service come to their home and clean the carpets.

There is a range of prices that you can expect to pay to have your carpets cleaned, so you might want to get a little bit more about what extra services cost so that you can better understand what you should pay to have your carpets cleaned.

This average price is for an average size carpet. You can expect to pay more for a larger carpet, because it will take more time and more materials to clean. For small carpets you will pay less, but not proportionally less because there is the cost of coming to your house and setting up the equipment which is going to be the same no matter what size your carpet is.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning may also be called hot water extraction and it is one of the most common methods used by carpet cleaning services. This method uses hot water that is injected into the carpet, just long enough to lift up any stain and debris that are stuck on the carpet fibers, then the hot water with all of the dirt in it is quickly sucked up into the machine.

This is an extremely effective method of carpet cleaning, and that is the reason that so many carpet cleaning services choose this method. This kind of cleaning will be able to lift up almost any type of stain from your carpet.

The downside of this kind of carpet cleaning is that it takes longer to dry than some other methods. You may have to stay off of your carpets for anywhere from six hours, to overnight. This could be inconvenient for a lot of people who need to be able to have a carpet cleaning done in a short amount of time.

You can expect to pay about the average price of carpet cleaning for a steam cleaning. A carpet cleaner will go over the entire carpet with this method and your carpet won’t give off any odors and will be totally clean after the service.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

For dry carpet cleaning, special chemicals are rubbed into the carpet with a carpet cleaning machine. The chemicals do the work of lifting any dirt or debris out of the carpet fibers. Then the mixture of carpet cleaner and dirt are sucked up into the carpet cleaning machine.

This method is also highly effective for cleaning carpets. The chemicals used for the cleaning may leave some odor or residue in the carpet, which some people may find irritating, but the chemicals are tested and approved to be safe for use in households.

The great thing about this carpet cleaning method is that there is almost no drying time after the cleaning. You can move your furniture back into place and start walking on your carpets after only a short waiting period or no time at all.

This makes dry carpet cleaning a favorite method of businesses where they can’t close down a high traffic carpet area for very long without serious disruptions to business. This method does not quite clean as deeply as steam cleaning, but it usually has a slightly lower price than steam cleaning.

Does Carpet Cleaning Include Furniture Moving?

The answer to this question is usually no. Carpet cleaning is normally the responsibility of the customer, but carpet cleaning companies can sometimes move furniture for an extra fee, or they can refer you to a furniture moving service that will have their own costs.

Moving heavy furniture adds another liability to the carpet cleaning service, so it can be difficult to include this service with carpet cleaning. Some carpet cleaners will move furniture and will have the cost of doing so built into their carpet cleaning cost.

Types Of Carpet

The type of carpet that you want to have cleaned will also determine how much you end up paying for carpet cleaning. The following prices for different types of carpet come from fixr.com. 

The least expensive type of carpet to clean will be one made from synthetic materials like polyester. A synthetic carpet can average from as low as $60 to as much as $300 to have professionally cleaned.

The next type of carpet is berber, which can cost from $80 to $310 to clean.

For cotton carpet, the cost to clean will fall between $90 to $340.

Silk carpet can cost from $95 up to $360.

Sisal carpet can cost from $100 to $375.

Wool carpet is possibly the most expensive to clean, starting at $100, but going up as high as $400.

Stain Removal

If you have specific stains that you want removed, it can help to know what caused the stain and how long it has been there. There will normally be a fee for specific stain removal that could be on top of the total cost for carpet cleaning.

It is always helpful to communicate with your carpet cleaner so that they know what to expect to find in your home. Explain all of the stains that you want to have removed and they can give you a price.

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