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How Long Does Carpet Cleaning Take?

Carpet cleaning is a necessary part of maintaining your carpet so that it will look as good as it can for a very long time. Carpets trap so much dirt and can become a breeding ground for bacteria, so having a carpet regularly cleaned makes a huge difference in your home’s overall appearance.

Maybe your carpet is looking a little dirty, is full of stains, or you just want to keep it pristine, carpet cleaning is the most practical solution to your desires. In this article we will discuss the amount of time that carpet cleaning services will take.

When you learn how long carpet cleaning can take, you will be prepared to have your carpet cleaned and can know how much time to give to it. The short answer is that you will probably want to plan to be off of your carpet for at least one full day and overnight, to allow the carpet to be cleaned and have time to dry properly. 

If you want to find out more about how we have estimated the time it will take and what each step will be like, you can keep reading this article and you will learn a lot more. 

How Far In Advance To Book

You may be wondering how far in advance you should schedule to have a carpet cleaner come. You can really schedule for any amount of time in advance, if you want it done tomorrow, you may have to call a few different local carpet cleaners to find one that is available, but it is certainly likely that someone would come as soon as you want. Carpet cleaners often offer twenty four hour service, in case of emergencies like a major stain that is time sensitive.

You want to be sure to book your carpet cleaning for some time where you will not be needing to walk on your carpet for at least a day. It is best to let the cleaning process go on undisturbed, so do not schedule a carpet cleaning for a day you are expecting guests. You should plan to avoid your room for at least an entire day.

Remember that you will have to come to an agreement with your carpet cleaner about how much furniture they will be moving. You can expect that a carpet cleaner will move easy things like couches, chairs, or furniture on wheels. Carpet cleaners will not want to move expensive or delicate items like china, electronics and such.

If you have items that the carpet cleaner can not move, you will need to make time to move them yourself or hire professional movers to come and do it for you. The carpet cleaning professional can normally advise you on a trusted moving company to help and they may even offer some discount if you ask.

Set Up

The best carpet cleaning professionals will be able to move all the agreed to furniture in less than half an hour and get all of their equipment set up too. This figure will depend on the amount and type of furniture you have, as well as how far it needs to move to be out of the way. 

They will also bring all of the cleaning equipment into your house, like their steam cleaner, their stain treatment instruments, hoses and electrical cables. You want to make sure you have some other project going on around the house or you can go run errands, the cleaner will not need you to be home and they will not appreciate it if you watch them work. 

Cleaning Time

The actual cleaning time will be one of the shortest parts of the carpet cleaning experience. For a twelve by twelve room, it is estimated that a professional carpet cleaner will take about twenty minutes.

The amount of time will depend on the condition of the carpet and the method of cleaning. So if you want to estimate how long carpet cleaning your house will take, you can just multiply the number of rooms you are having cleaned by twenty to get a rough estimate.

During the cleaning there could be some noise from the machine and the house will probably smell like cleaning products or there could be steam visible, but it should not disturb activities in other parts of the house.


This stage will be the longest of your carpet cleaning adventure. After your carpet cleaning professional has finished their work, they will instruct you on the drying time before they leave.

Normally, dry carpet cleaning can be ready to be walked on and moved furniture on immediately, as the chemical process has finished and there is nothing to dry. If you are having a carpet steam cleaning you will need to wait at least six hours to walk on it carefully, and it could be as long as twenty four hours before you are able to move the furniture back into place. 

Drying times will depend on the weather because on a warm, sunny and dry day, you can open your doors and windows and your carpet will dry faster than on a cold and rainy day. You can aid the drying process by using heaters to bring the temperature up and by using fans to get some air moving over your carpets and carrying the moisture out.

If you are worried about the conditions for drying your carpet, you can consult with your carpet cleaning company representative to see if they can offer assistance with ensuring a quick drying process.

Carpet Cleaning Cost

You may be wondering what your carpet cleaning cost will be, if you will be spending all this time getting them cleaned, it is good to know the cost too. According to HomeGuide, the average cost of carpet cleaning is twenty five cents per square foot, and the per room average is about fifty dollars. For an average entire house cleaning, you can expect to pay about $175.

This figure varies throughout the country, with places with higher cost of living being more expensive to have your carpet cleaned as well. There may be extra charges if you need extra services or if you have lots of furniture to move.

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