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House Cleaning Prices Guide for 2024

House cleaning prices, for House cleaning service

Nationwide average costs for professional house cleaning services could range from $25-$50 per hour. The standard range from $0.30-$0.40 per square foot and deep cleaning could be $0.45+ per square foot. However, location differences and local rates vary hugely.

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Are you wondering how much it costs to hire professional house cleaning services? With so many options to consider like frequency, size of home, supplies provided, and additional services, house cleaning prices can vary. This comprehensive guide breaks down the different factors that impact the cost of house cleaning so you know what to expect to pay.

Why Understanding House Cleaning Costs Matters

When was the last time you deep-cleaned every nook and cranny of your home? For most busy homeowners, thorough cleanings happen infrequently at best. That’s why so many people opt to hire house cleaning services to get their place sparkling clean. However, you might be shocked when you start to price out professional house cleaning and all of the options.

Rates for house cleaning services vary greatly depending on:

  • Square footage of your home
  • Frequency of cleaning services
  • Extras like window cleaning, carpet cleaning, or cabinet cleaning
  • Whether you provide your cleaning supplies or not

With such huge ranges in pricing, it’s hard to budget and set expectations. Understanding typical house cleaning costs and the different service choices available is key. That way you can pick the best match for your home and budget.

This house cleaning pricing guide includes average costs, typical rates per room, cost calculators, and money-saving tips so you know exactly what to expect to pay.

3 maids cleaning

Factors That Impact House Cleaning Prices

Many variables impact the cost of house cleaning services for your home. National averages give you a baseline but don’t tell the whole pricing story. Here are the key factors that determine your specific rates.

Square Footage

Like most contract work performed in the home, house cleaning prices are usually based on the total square footage cleaned. The range averages:

  • Small homes (~1,500 sf) – $100-150
  • Medium homes (~2,500 sf) – $150-250
  • Large homes (~4,500+ sf) – $250+

In addition, most cleaning companies charge per room cleaned as well. For example, expect to pay around $25-50 per bathroom.

Having an open-concept home or lots of smaller rooms (like bathrooms) will balance out overall. But square footage sets the underlying price.

Frequency of Service

How often do you want a regular cleaning service? Options usually include:

  • One-time or occasional cleaning
  • Every other week house cleaning
  • Weekly cleaning service
  • Bi-weekly cleaning

Professional cleaning services may charge $30/hour for one-off jobs but offer package discounts for weekly or bi-weekly customers.

For example, a cleaning company’s rates might compare:

  • One-time cleaning – $50/hour
  • Weekly cleaning – $100
  • Bi-weekly cleaning – $120

So consider how recurring you need an extensive house cleaning service before setting a budget.

maid making the bed

Number of Bedrooms and Bathrooms

The number of bedrooms and bathrooms factor into the cost. Having more of each room adds time + effort to a standard cleaning. A good rule of thumb:

  • Add ~15 minutes of labor per additional bedroom
  • Add ~20-30 minutes of labor per additional bathroom

That’s why most house cleaning cost calculators ask for bedrooms and bathrooms. The range roughly compares:

Of course, square footage counts too. But the number of bedrooms and bathrooms gives a better feel for overall pricing.

Deep Cleaning vs Standard Cleaning Services

Do you want just a basic surface clean or a deep scrub? Standard house cleaning cover:

  • Vacuuming floors
  • Mopping hard floors
  • Wiping down counters
  • Cleaning sinks, tubs, showers
  • Changing sheets
  • General tidying

Whereas deep cleaning adds:

  • Interior window and window cleaning
  • Baseboard scrubbing
  • Appliance cleaning
  • Cabinet cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning

Some cleaning companies bundle different cleaning “levels” with set prices. For example:

  • Basic house cleaning – $100
  • Standard house cleaning – $150
  • Deep cleaning – $200+

Or you may pay an upcharge per specialty task. Expect to add $30-50 per appliance cleaned or $10-15 per window.

Your House Cleaning Supplies or Theirs?

Who provides the cleaning products and equipment? You can save ~20% hiring house cleaning if you supply:

  • Your vacuums
  • Cleaning solutions
  • Mops, brooms, etc

However, some people prefer a professional cleaning company to bring their commercial-grade supplies. Many companies offer green cleaning or eco-friendly cleaning products too.

Be sure to ask prospective services about their supply policy. Some bring basics but charge for specialty cleaning solutions.

Additional Services

Every cleaning service offers extras for added fees. Typical add-ons include:

  • Interior window cleaning
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning or carpet cleaning services
  • Post-construction clean up
  • Garage cleaning
  • Outdoor surface cleaning

Interior window cleaning tends to be the most requested service, averaging $3-8 per window pane. Expect to pay at least $100 for complete interior and exterior window cleaning.

You also see upcharges for pet-friendly cleaning, plant watering, laundry, and packing/unpacking. Consider any special house cleaning duties you need so costs don’t surprise you.

3 maids cleaning the living room

Cost Factors Beyond Square Footage

Square footage sets a baseline for pricing. But many additional factors adjust rates up or down including:

House Size and Layout

A sprawling 1-story ranch costs less than a 3-story townhouse for the same square footage. Why? More floors and rooms equal more time and effort.

Open layouts clean faster too. A wide open kitchen-living room has fewer surfaces and details than small closed rooms.


Most house cleaning services quote rates based on a “common messiness” standard, as in, regular dirtiness from everyday living.

But few spaces match that vague definition! Be honest about your home’s needs so quotes fit reality.

A very messy or completely trashed house costs more. That requires heavy-duty “dig out” cleaning before maintenance cleaning.

On the flip side, an unusually clean or minimalist home costs less. With less tidying and scrubbing needed, a great house cleaner spends less time and effort.

Frequency of Cleanings

Like most services, house cleaning offers package discounts.

A weekly cleaning service costs less per clean than “once in a while” visits. Why? A consistent schedule means cleaners familiarize themselves with your home for faster cleanings. Plus you supply steady business.

You also save ~20% when you commit upfront to a recurring cleaning package (like every 2 weeks). Companies like guaranteed business versus one-time jobs.

Pet Households

Furry friends make life more fun yet intensify cleaning needs. All that dander and hair!

Expect to pay 10-25% more for pet-friendly house cleanings. Most cleaning companies don’t charge for the first dog or cat. But costs creep higher for multi-pet homes.

Location/Service Area

In large metro areas, a wider range of competition keeps prices in check.

But in rural areas with fewer providers, house cleaning services lack incentives to run specials. This basic supply-demand pushes costs higher in small towns.

Additionally, a long distance between jobs eats provider profits through added gas and time. Some companies charge travel fees for outlying areas.

Always get quotes from 2-3 local cleaning companies near you. This keeps prices fair for your area’s particular market.

Average Hourly and Square Foot Rates

Now that you know the many factors affecting prices, what are typical costs?

Nationwide average costs for professional house cleaning services:

  • Hourly rates: $25-$50 per hour
  • Standard square foot rates: $0.30-$0.40 per square foot
  • Deep cleaning square foot rates: $0.45+ per square foot

Yet averages only tell part of the pricing story. Location differences and local rates vary hugely.

In a high-end market like San Francisco or New York City, rates run ~30% higher. While cleaned-focused cities like Las Vegas or Orlando offer more reasonable rates.

Get free estimates from 3 local services before setting expectations. But use these averages to estimate costs for initial budgeting.

3 maids cleaning the kitchen

Cost of Deep Cleaning Services

Want to go beyond surface cleaning for a sparkling home? Then opt for deep cleaning!

HomeAdvisor breaks down pricing factors for cleaning services to help homeowners budget and set expectations.

As shown earlier, deep cleaning tackles grimy hard-to-reach areas like windows, appliances, and floor grout. Instead of just maintenance cleaning, the goal is thorough sanitization.

Deep cleaning costs run 50-100% higher than standard rates since way more labor and effort to clean your home.

National averages for deep cleaning services:

  • $150-300 for a standard 2,000 square foot home
  • $0.40-0.65 per square foot

Some cleaning companies charge hourly for intensive scrub sessions – from $35 up to $100 per hour.

Others bundle deep cleaning tasks, like:

  • Oven cleaning – $50+
  • Interior window cleaning – $5 per window
  • Wall washing – $0.10 per square foot

No matter what, prepare to pay more for squeaky clean!

Move-Out and Post-Construction Cleaning Prices

Beyond routine cleaning for nice upkeep, companies offer specialty services too. Two popular options are:

  • Move-out cleaning
  • Post-construction cleaning

Both tackle heavy-duty grime and mess more than typical day-to-day dirt.

Move-out cleaning

Move-out cleaning prepares a vacant home to “show ready” condition for selling or renting out. Expect to pay at minimum 50% higher than routine cleaning. Go for deep-cleaning extras too.

The average move-out cleaning costs ~$250-500 for a standard 2,000-square-foot home.

Post-construction cleaning service

Post-construction cleaning tackles layers of dust, debris, tools, and supplies. Companies may charge hourly or by the square foot for this demanding work.

Since the mess wildly varies by the size of the renovations, get a custom on-site quote. Expect to pay $400+ for an extensive post-construction scrub.

Saving Money on House Cleaning Services

Of course, the big question…how can I save on house cleaning service costs? Follow these tips to lower rates:

Cleaning equipment and supplies

Provide Your Supplies and Equipment

Have all your own preferred cleaning products like vacuums, mops, brooms, and cleaning liquids?

Then provide them for cleaners to use so companies don’t mark up prices to cover their supplies overhead. Just make sure the equipment works properly before the appointment.

Offer Referrals

Like most service companies, house cleaners offer referral bonuses and discounts.

If you refer family or neighbors who become recurring customers, you’ll likely earn rewards like 10-20% off future cleanings. Certainly worthwhile for valuable word-of-mouth marketing!

Commit to Auto-Pay Recurring Service

As mentioned earlier, cleaning services offer loyalty discounts for consistent customers.

If you pre-pay a package of cleans on autopay over 3/6/12 months, companies knock monthly prices down by ~20%. They motivate future business with discounts since you already paid upfront.

Tip Your House Cleaner

Beyond paying the company, provide a nice tip to your house cleaner after quality work. Show extra appreciation with an extra $20-50 depending on the size of the home.

Beyond the monetary bonus, cleaners prioritize homes of generous tippers. They go the extra mile hoping to keep getting extras from those clients. And maybe offer insider discounts;)

Buy Supplies in Bulk

If you supply products to your cleaner, buy supplies in bulk. Stock up during sales too.

Cleaning liquids, disposable gloves, and microfiber cloths all keep costs lower over the long run. Cutting your overhead lets you stretch the cleaning budget further.

The Takeaway

This house cleaning pricing guide gave a detailed breakdown of cost factors, average rates nationally, options for saving money, and questions to ask cleanup companies before hiring.

While local rates fluctuate across the country, you now better understand typical pricing based on:

  • House size
  • Number of rooms/bathrooms
  • Frequency of cleaning
  • Deep cleaning add-ons and more.

We also provided insider tips to lower your total cleaning costs.

The bottom line? Now you can set realistic budgets and expectations for hiring a house cleaning service in your area. Just focus on finding a thorough yet affordable cleaning match!

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