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Cost of Furniture Cleaning – 2022 Latest Update

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If you want to do some furniture cleaning around your house, one of the first things you need to learn is the cost of furniture cleaning. Learning the professional furniture cleaning cost will help you be a smart shopper and get a quality service at a reasonable price.

The national average furniture cleaning cost  can range from $84, up to about $523. While it is nice to know these ranges of furniture cleaning prices, they might not tell you enough to get an accurate idea of how much it will cost to have your furniture cleaned.

That is why we have created this handy guide breaking down the furniture cleaning services prices that you can use anytime. We have used the knowledge of our expert cleaning team to tell you all about the furniture cleaning service cost you can expect to pay.

How Much Does It Cost To Have Furniture Professionally Cleaned?

When you are having your furniture professionally cleaned, the price you pay will depend upon the type of fabric it is made of and how big it is. The average price people pay for professional furniture cleaning is about $180.

You can imagine that your furniture cleaning cost will depend upon the area you live and the prices people are willing to pay there, same in basement remodeling cost. In a high cost of living area, you can expect to pay for furniture cleaning, while in a low cost of living place you will most likely pay less for furniture cleaning.

In a high cost of living area you pay more because wages need to be higher so that people working as furniture cleaners can afford to live. You might also consider the number of furniture cleaners in your area, because if there is more competition, the price should be lower.

Furniture Cleaning By Furniture Type

The type of furniture that you need to clean will have a fairly large impact on the price that you will pay for professional furniture cleaning. For the most part, the bigger the furniture, the higher the price will be because it takes more time to clean a larger piece of furniture than a small one.

For example, while a dining chair with upholstery on it might only cost $15 for cleaning, a large sectional couch could cost as much as $225. This is a pretty big difference because the more fabric a piece of furniture has, the more upholstery cleaning products the cleaner will need to use.

You probably understand that the size of your furniture will determine what you end up paying. Here is a breakdown of the type of furniture and the range of prices a professional cleaners will likely charge for them:

  • Couch or Sofa = $90 to $130
  • Loveseat = $60 to $74
  • Recliner = $40 to $80
  • Ottoman = $29 to $50

Material Of Furniture And Its Price

Different types of materials or upholstery that make up your furniture will have an impact on the cleaning process, and therefore the price. Some materials are relatively easy to clean, while some require special care or even special machinery to clean properly without damage, from this the prices are not the same in upholstery cleaning prices. 

You can read the label on your furniture to see what type of cleaning it requires to give you a better idea of how much it will end up costing. 

  • If you see a “W” on your furniture label, it is safe to clean it with water, and the cleaning method should be easier and less expensive, but not always.
  • If you see an “S” on your furniture label, it needs to be cleaned with a solvent based cleaner, which could require more special treatment and more cost.
  • If your furniture label has an “S/W” on it, it is safe to clean with either water or a solvent and it could be cheaper to clean it, or more expensive.

More delicate furniture, like those made of suede or wool, could be very expensive to clean because they will require a lot of care. Furniture made from polyester, or even cotton could be less expensive because these materials can often stand up to different cleaning methods.

Is Furniture Cleaning Worth It?

If you want your furniture to last for as long as possible, furniture cleaning is the only way you will have your beloved items in your home for a long time. Furniture cleaning is much cheaper than new furniture, but when you do it regularly, your furniture will look and feel like new for a long time plus you can save with your cleaning services prices.

Cleaning your furniture often helps the fabric stay strong, beautiful and smelling good. When you neglect to have your furniture professionally cleaned, dirt, grime, and oils make their way deep into the fabric and cause all sorts of problems that may not be fixable.  

Furniture that gets thrown away because it wasn’t professionally cleaned will end up taking up a huge amount of space in a landfill. Just like when painting kitchen cabinet, always hire professionals to avoid mistakes or redoing it. When you have your furniture cleaning done by experts, you are doing a good service to the environment by keeping trash out of landfills plus they also .

Is It Possible To Save Money On Furniture Cleaning?

Yes, there are many opportunities to make your furniture cleaning even cheaper. A few times a year, your local furniture cleaning service will have deals and specials that are almost too good to be true, and you should keep your eyes and ears open to take advantage of them.

You can also save some money by having more furniture cleaned at one time. Furniture cleaners will be happy to travel less to clean more items, so they will make the price of cleaning each item lower and you can have an entire house full of clean furniture.

You also might find a cleaner who will let you bring smaller items into their shop. If you save them the time and effort of travel, your local furniture cleaning pro might give you a better price on your furniture. You also might just ask for a discount when you talk to a furniture cleaner, you never know what they might say.

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