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Are The Cost of Disinfection Services Really Worth Your Money?

With the pressing matters of health, keeping your home clean is a must, making cleaning services in high demands. But you also want to cut down on expenses, so which one is more important to you? Today, we’re going to talk about disinfection service costs, and if it’s worthwhile for you to get them.

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We understand that you want to save on your monthly expenses, yet health is wealth, and hospital bills are more expensive today. With that said, it’s a must to keep your home disinfected. Cleaning service prices may be a tad expensive to some, but if you could add it up to your budget, why not give it a shot? 

On the other hand, disinfecting your home is highly beneficial these days. The world has been shut down for a couple of years by a single virus and so, we should also participate in getting rid of it and it should start in your household. Sure you can do disinfection by yourself, but hiring disinfection services could surely do the task more effectively for you.  

What’s the difference between cleaning and disinfection?


Cleaning is just removing dirt, dust, and debris on surfaces. These are larger particles ruining the appearance and condition of your furniture and belongings. But cleaning is not enough to guarantee that no germs or viruses are present on surfaces. That’s where disinfection comes in since it eradicates bacteria and viruses on surfaces.

There are different ways to disinfect your home, and cleaning companies know it. So far, the popular disinfection services in the industry are ozone, chlorination, and ultraviolet light. Fogging is sometimes done in residential and commercial establishments as well. It’s where the liquid disinfectant is turned to mist or smoke to decontaminate furniture, walls, and floors.

Do I need to hire professional disinfection cleaning services? 

A professional cleaning company is equipped with the latest tools to decontaminate your home and office effectively. We use hospital-grade products to disinfect all kinds of surfaces. Our advanced electrostatic equipment for disinfection blasts charged mists of disinfectants to kill those bacteria and viruses in your home.

Our professional disinfection services are guaranteed to keep your home and loved ones safe from any diseases. We have UV light and electrostatic fogging equipment to decontaminate your upholsteries, computers, clothes, wood, and other items.

With that said, it gives you peace of mind when you hire a licensed and bonded cleaning company to disinfect your home.

Benefits of hiring disinfection services

A residential disinfection service is there to help protect your loved ones from getting sick due to the presence of viruses and bacteria. The same thing goes for commercial disinfection services. The main difference between the two, the former takes care of homeowners while the latter is for businesses. But the entire disinfection process is similar to both niches. 

Here are the advantages of hiring a professional disinfection service:

Quality Cleaning and Disinfection Outcome

Because these professionals have modern technology for disinfection, you’re confident of getting high-quality outcomes from their services. They will inspect your place before cleaning and disinfecting them. This is their protocol, and they abide by the regulations imposed by CDC and EPA. As a matter of fact, it’s one of those things you can add up to your house cleaning checklist

Help you save time and energy

Instead of doing this chore, you can let professionals do it for you. You have more time to do work, handle your business, or maybe spend time with your family and friends. It’s a cost-efficient experience you want to experience while enjoying a clean space. 

Impress your guests or prospect clients

The appearance of your home or office can impact your client’s impression. The same thing goes for your guests at home. If they see your place clean and organized, it’ll give them an impression of professionalism. That you are meticulous with the sanitation and organization of your home and business.

This opens new doors of opportunities, especially for businesses wanting to impress their prospective clients. With that said, disinfection cleaning services cost is worthwhile on your budget. 

Improves productivity 

Do you notice that your workers or yourself like to work more in a clean and comfortable environment? That’s because a clean space gives a stress-free place that improves work productivity. There’s also less chance of anyone getting sick, which can deter the completion of any tasks. It’s one of those house cleaning tips that is absolutely beneficial for you. 

Away from allergies 

You’ll never know who in the family or workplace is sensitive to pollen and dust, right? It could also be that they are allergic to molds and insects. Taking that into consideration, you would do anything to avoid allergic reactions from happening, so decontaminating your home and office is your best protection. It’s also one good way to get rid of molds. Although, if you’re suffering from a severe growth of mold, you might need to get a mold removal and remediation service together with disinfection.

Prolongs the lifespan of your fixtures and belongings 

Molds and bacteria can deteriorate the appearance and condition of your upholsteries and furniture. They feed on organic matter like wood, fabric, and paper. This speeds up the wear and tear of your belongings. So, by eliminating those bacteria, you can improve the lifespan of your household items.

Updated disinfection service prices 

The average professional disinfection service cost is between $140 to $300. Prices fluctuate depending on certain variables like the cleaning company, your location, the kind of disinfection method used, and square footage.

In terms of the hourly rate, the industry rate is $30 to $50 per cleaner. But you can always haggle with the company, and avail of their discounts if they are offering one. You can also ask for a free estimate, so you know how much you’re expecting to pay for their service.

When asking for a free estimate, also ask if it’s a fixed or variable estimate. If it’s the former, that means you’ll just pay what they have provided in the proposal. But if it’s the latter, then you need to know those factors that can increase the cost of their disinfection service.

Disinfection Cost for Commercial Establishments 

For businesses, there’s a different price list for disinfection. Oftentimes, they are either charged on a flat rate or per square footage. That’s because they have wider spaces for disinfection, so companies are more willing to give a discount in most instances. So far, the average rate for commercial cleaning and disinfection is $0.12 to $0.50 per square footage.

What are your final thoughts? 

We hope everything is clear to you about disinfection cost and if it’s worthwhile to hire a professional. There are pros and cons to hiring a professional cleaning company to do it for you, yet the benefits usually outweigh the cost of the service. It gives you peace of mind that no one in the family, or in the office will get sick and hamper productivity.

So, do you have any questions? We are willing to help you understand everything related to cleaning and disinfection, so you are confident in hiring a local cleaner like Shiny Carpet Cleaning. We are committed to giving our customers exceptional cleaning and disinfection services.

For free consultation about disinfection services, call us or simply visit us on Facebook!

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