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Unfortunately, no matter how much we clean thoroughly, there are invisible organisms that are still present everywhere. Cleaning removes dirt and other visible particles that make a place untidy and unpresentable, but it doesn't guarantee that it kills germs, bacteria, mold, or fungi. So, there must be more to just eliminating the dirt and debris around us.


While cleaning removes the visible particles on the surface, sanitizing reduces the growth of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. However, it is still not enough because even if it reduces the amount of those harmful organisms, this cleansing process isn't doing anything to the organisms themselves. This need is where the disinfection process is very vital. As for cleaning and sanitizing, removing and reducing dirt and germs, the disinfection kills even the microscopic organisms and is very good for frequently touched surfaces.

The non-stop number of people infected by various viruses like the coronavirus disease (CoVid19) demands the need to sanitize and disinfect every household. Seeing this urgency, the famous Shiny Carpet Cleaning offers affordable house disinfection services in many parts of the U.S., like in North Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C.


Both its sanitation and disinfection services make use of the best quality standard tools that pass the EPA and CDC requirements. Unlike other services, Shiny Carpet Cleaning is also committed to their clients' safety, that is why before the sanitation schedule, it requires their clients to vacate the area. Its cleaners are all professionals and equipped with full protective gear to also safeguard themselves while doing their job efficiently. Its bioremediation process strives to eliminate every kind of mildew, pathogens, and viruses in every corner of their clients' precious homes.

The Shiny Carpet Cleaning recognizes the need of every location and residence of not just a sanitized but properly disinfected places around them. With its cleaners that are experts in this field, they are well-trained in doing their jobs, especially using the latest skills and equipment to eliminate the viruses and pathogens after cleaning tasks.




COVID 19 DISINFECTION SERVICE- Its trained cleaners are only using EPA-registered disinfectants and products proven to be the best in killing even the pandemic coronavirus destroys a million lives in every part of the globe.


COMMERCIAL DISINFECTION SERVICES- The Shiny Carpet Cleaning is not only for every household but also caters to the disinfection needs of every commercial establishment around! It never fails to clean and remove the debris, soil, and grime in every corner of the offices and stores. After the cleaning process, the OFFICE DISINFECTION SERVICE cleaners will use green disinfectants approved by the EPA, which ensures the safety of the commercial owners, clients, and employees while killing the bacteria and viruses crawling inside the commercial spaces.


HOUSE DISINFECTION SERVICE- Shiny Carpet Cleaning offers the best and economic disinfection services that can be availed by every household. Despite the affordability, it still gives efficient cleansing and disinfection service by using all-around cleaning and disinfecting methods using eco-friendly disinfectants. Moreover, it uses high-quality products like 360-degree power sprayer to decontaminate even larger areas.


DISINFECTION FOGGING SERVICE- The Shiny Carpet Cleaning uses a hot and cold fogging process to eradicate the growing population of mosquitoes, insects, and other air-borne causing pathogens and insects. Moreover, the fogging disinfectants it has, like its other disinfectant products, are proven to be safe yet effective on every premises.

Besides social distancing, using face masks and proper hygiene, another way to combat the dangerous coronavirus is to exert efforts in cleaning and making sure that every premise is free from viruses and pathogens. The Shiny Carpet Cleaning recognizes this importance; that is why they also developed strategic and practical sanitizing and disinfecting services both for home and commercial locations. Besides using the safe and effective disinfectants, its cleaners are also properly trained and expert in removing and fighting the spread of even the coronavirus in every location.

The Shiny Carpet Cleaning offers nothing but the best PROFESSIONAL HOME SANITIZING services for every resident. It provides versatile and economical WHOLE HOUSE SANITIZING that can cater to every household's sanitation needs and demands. Moreover, it covers every corner and area in the house that other cleaning services cannot provide. They also offer spring and deep house cleaning and disinfection services based on the client's affordability and preference. Shiny Carpet Cleaning is genuinely the best HOUSE SANITIZING IN MANASSAS, VA!

Manassas is an independent and suburban city located in the northeastern part of Virginia, United States. Also called the Manassas Gap and Manassas Junction, the town was established in 1863 when two junction railroads linked Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia. Manassas is known for its rich history, and nowadays, some of these are featured in its spots like museums and the Old Town district.

We keep on mentioning the economic offers of Shiny Carpet Cleaning, which makes it the number one cleaning service in Manassas. With this, DISINFECTION SERVICE COST varies from per hour of cleaning time or square foot of the area.


If the client prefers to be rated based on square foot, the AVERAGE DISINFECTION SERVICES COST ranges from 2-3 dollars. This cost will increase depending on how intense the disinfection process was done. From the perspective of the marketing team, an area can be thoroughly cleaned by three or four cleaners, and this usually costs $700-900, which is equivalent to $1-10 per square foot.


Also, the HOUSE DISINFECTION SERVICE COST is cheaper than the commercial disinfection services. Moreover, for hospitals, it will also be quite more expensive since this establishment demands a more intense sanitation and disinfection process.


If you are considering your area to be disinfected, go on, and set an appointment with Shiny Carpet Cleaning and get ready to achieve the cleanest place in your town!

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We have two shag rugs and two large dogs, all have definitely had better days. With COVID 19, my husband and I are in our house all the time now and really started to notice how bad of shape the rugs were in. I called Shiny Carpet Cleaning and the guy was super helpful. The whole thing was contactless and at a great price! I would definitely recommend them.

Maria G.

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Awesome customer service and awesome job on the carpets. Tech showed up on time and was very professional. Very reasonable and fair pricing as well. Been using Shiny now for several years. Highly recommended.

Brian Bullock

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To include punctuality & value. The staff was very courteous, responded to my questions and a real nice guy. The carpet was steamed clean thoroughly and the result made me really pleased. Thank you Shiny for your service. Anyone else need carpet cleaning? Call Shiny for great service

Veronica B.

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