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Difference Between Commercial and Residential Carpet Cleaning

Difference Between Commercial and Residential Carpet Cleaning

It might be hard to decide what to choose from the many professional cleaning service options available in the market today. Will residential cleaning services be enough? Or is it better to choose a commercial cleaning service? There are different factors that need to be considered in deciding what type of cleaning services you should ask from your professional carpet cleaners. Some of them are the following:

·         Selecting a carpet cleaning service based on your home or business needs

·         Selecting the price that you can afford

·         Selecting the strength of the equipment or tools needed to clean your carpets

·         Selecting the most convenient time for you

·         Selecting the best carpet cleaning service provider that can address your specific needs

With the above considerations and other circumstances that may affect your decision, choosing the right carpet cleaning might seem overwhelming. Fortunately, we’ve come up with the essential things that you should know when it comes to residential and commercial cleaning services.

Carpet’s Environment

The most notable distinction between these two kinds of carpet cleaning services is the environment that they need to clean.

Residential carpet cleaning services usually provide professional cleaning to individuals or families that have carpets installed or used in their households. Some homeowners prefer to do the carpet cleaning on their own instead of hiring a cleaning service to perform the job, especially if they only own small and easy to maintain carpets.On the other hand, commercial cleaning service providers are usually hired to do profession

al carpet cleaning for business enterprises and office building owners. A company may hire an in-house team to do the regular carpet cleaning or contract an agency specializing in carpet maintenance to handle the care and upkeep of the office’s carpeting. 

Tools or Equipment

Cleaning commercial carpets usually require more time and need heavy-duty equipment or tools that are not readily available at home. Many professional carpet cleaning companies either use big cleaning units attached to their truck or compact steam cleaning machines.

Office buildings normally have carpets that cover a larger floor area, and most professional companies will use truck-mounted equipment to clean the entire carpeting thoroughly and efficiently. The machines they use are way more powerful and effective than the portable ones, providing a complete and deeper clean. Even though this type of cleaning service is more time consuming, it is often the ideal solution for commercially used areas, especially those with high traffic.

Depending on the size, cleaning carpets used at home may also take some time. But in almost all cases, truck-mounted machines used in cleaning commercial carpets are not utilized for residential carpets.

The professional cleaners will start dealing with your carpet cleaning needs at home by vacuuming the entryways and edges. Once done with that, they will move all your furniture and fittings to clear the areas that have carpets for cleaning. They address the stains and other stubborn dirt next by using hot water or special tools. After the extraction process, post-treatment chemicals or protectors are applied. They then groom the carpet to make it look better and dry faster. To further hasten the drying process, expert cleaners often use air movers.

Cleaning Timing

Companies offering residential carpet steam cleaning typically offer their services during the day. If the homeowner is working on weekdays and nobody is at home to supervise the cleaners, then carpet cleaning is scheduled on the weekends.

On the contrary, those agencies providing commercial cleaning services have limited cleaning time options. This is because most office buildings are busy or open during weekdays and even weekends. To ensure that workers, customers, and business operations are not disturbed, and the cleaners can move freely and flexibly inside the office, the usual cleaning time for commercial carpets is at night.

Price or Cost Differences

Residential carpet cleaning costs might be a bit complicated as compared to the commercial cleaning services price. Home carpet cleaning usually has rates that are based on the number of services provided. Vacuuming services have lower prices than other thorough carpet cleaning methods like shampooing and deep-cleaning.

For larger floor areas like carpeting in high-rise buildings and offices, commercial cleaning companies typically provide package deals. There are categories to choose from, depending on the amount and frequency of the cleaning and maintenance works to be done. Some may offer cost-effective prices, and some may provide a more expensive deal due to demand and company reputation.

Basic Care and Maintenance

Both residential and commercial carpets require frequent vacuuming. But considering the heavy foot traffic that a commercial carpet faces every day, it will need more maintenance than the residential carpeting.

Home carpets also require regular maintenance, but they will not experience as much wear and tear as industrial carpets do. Even if you have kids and animal pets at home, it is not as a big deal as the myriad of employees and customers walking in and out of the office or building daily.

Depending on the type of commercial unit you have, vacuuming may be necessary in-between shifts to keep the carpet presentable and clean. You will also need to have a regularly scheduled visit from your preferred carpet cleaning company.

Carpet Cleaning Companies

You will find several businesses offering commercial or residential, sometimes both carpet cleaning services on the market. Some are locally owned companies, while others have various branches in different states. The carpet cleaning industry usually provides commercial or residential carpet cleaning, floor care, office care, some janitorial services, and green or eco-friendly cleaning.

Certain carpet cleaning companies also specialize in various areas, especially when it comes to commercial carpet cleaning. Some of the areas they cover are:

·         Healthcare, which requires cleaning based in the hospital or clinic’s hygienic standards

·         Education, which can range from elementary schools to colleges and universities

·         Industrial facilities

·         Office buildings

·         Porters

Carpet cleaning, whether the carpet is used for residential or commercial purposes, is necessary on a regular basis to preserve its health and life expectancy. Knowing and understanding the carpet that you are using helps ensure that you get a thorough and accurate cleaning.

It is always better to call the skilled professionals instead of doing it on your own when it comes to routine carpet maintenance. Going DIY can save you some money, but professional services can make you save time and lessen the risk of ruining your carpet. It can also provide you with peace of mind knowing that the cleaning results will be of excellent quality.

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