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Best Area Rug Cleaning Tips That Work In Annandale, VA

Area rug cleaning tips

Your area rugs are an important part of your home decor, but every so often you need to worry about area rug cleaning to keep them looking good. Your task will be a lot easier if you find the best area rug cleaning tips in Annandale, VA.

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It is possible to do area rug cleaning on your own, but the job can be tricky, and you might think about finding professional area rug cleaning to make sure your items are well cared for. You can search for drop-off area rug cleaning near me and get a quote for rug cleaning cost.

To help you to maintain your area rug, our experts have created this article with professional secrets for area rug cleaning. This post will go beyond steam cleaning your area rug in Annandale, VA to teach you everything you need to know to maintain your prized area rug.

Get To Know What Material Your Area Rug Is Made From

Purple area rug

You want to have as much information about your area rug as possible so that you can give it the best care for its material. Maybe you were told what your area rug is made of when you bought it, or maybe it still has a tag on it. If not, you may need to consult an area rug cleaning service for identification.

Different types of area rugs have different methods of care that will make them look their best and last as long as they can. Some of the materials your area rug might be made of are:

  • Wool rugs – this is the traditional rug material and is often made by hand. You want to be delicate with wool rugs so you don’t damage the natural fibers from the sheep’s fur.
  • Silk rugs – this shiny natural material is one of the most delicate and expensive types of rugs. You should not try to clean a silk rug on your own.
  • Cotton rugs – this is another natural fiber that is much less expensive. They tend to fade fast, but you can clean them on your own.
  • Jute or bamboo rugs – these natural fiber rugs are great for a laid-back atmosphere. They might show water marks, so you want to be careful if you try to clean them.
  • Leather or sheepskin rugs – these rugs are made from the skin of animals. They can be surprisingly durable and you might even be able to throw them in a washing machine.
  • Polypropylene and synthetic fiber rugs – these rugs are affordable and durable. You can clean them in many ways, including putting them in a washing machine.

Vacuum Area Rug Cleaning For Routine Maintenance

Maid cleaning the area rug

Using your vacuum on your area rug will keep it looking better and stop dirt and debris from having a chance to damage the rug’s fibers. An area rug should be vacuumed at least once per week for ideal results and a beautiful rug.

On many area rugs, you can use your vacuum’s beater bar which will help to loosen up any dirt and dust that could be trapped in the rug’s fibers. Those bits of dust and debris could seem harmless, but the truth is that they are abrasive and will cut the area rug’s fibers, making it look bad and wear out fast.

The more often you can give your area rug a good vacuuming, the better it will look and the less often you will need to perform more involved cleaning methods. Having a good quality vacuum will help to get your area rug cleaning done as fast and effectively as possible. Adding this task up to your house cleaning checklist is ideal. 

Clean Up Stains As Soon As Possible

Accidents are bad to happen on top of your area rug. But you don’t have to panic. Stay calm and get to work cleaning the spill as soon as you are able to. 

For wet spills, you want to use a clean cloth or rag to clean it up. Use a blotting motion, instead of a rubbing motion, which can grind the stain further into the area rug’s fibers. 

You can use your favorite stain remover to lift up the stain from your rug if it’s safe to use on your area rug. There are also several household products that can help you to clean a stain from your area rug, such as:

  • Vinegar – for stinky stains, vinegar will kill bacteria that cause smells to get worse.
  • Hydrogen peroxide – this first aid product is excellent for removing blood or rust stains.
  • Baking soda – this white powder helps to get oily stains. Set the powder on an oily spill, let it absorb the oil, then vacuum it all up.
  • Dish soap – plain old dish soap is great for getting rid of many stains, be sure to wash it out well with plain water after the spill is gone.
If you don’t have the budget for house cleaning services in Annandale, VA, then doing these tips could help. 

Be Sure Your Area Rug Has Time To Dry

Cleaning an area rug

Making sure that your area rug has time to dry after cleaning will give you the best results in the long run. You don’t want to move furniture back onto it right away, and on colder days you might need to turn up the heat or use a fan.

If moisture stays inside your area rug for too long after cleaning, bacteria can start to grow and it will begin to smell awful. Then, you would need to clean your rug again, or many people even throw their area rugs away after they start to smell bad. This happens if the rug is in your bathroom. So, you might want to avoid that. There are modern bathroom remodeling ideas you can try that does not use rugs at all. 

After a wet area rug cleaning, you might need to let the rug rest for overnight or twelve hours. This amount of time will ensure that your area rug has sufficient time for drying and things won’t end up getting worse than before you cleaned it. You need to be careful about the growth of mold in your carpets. Mold poses health hazard and you don’t want that in your home. If you think there’s a buildup in any of your carpets, make sure you check on mold cleaning tips

Compacted Fibers Must Be Loosened

Cleaning a violet area rug

Over time, all the traffic that can happen on top of an area rug or having a heavy piece of furniture on top of it can compact the fibers. This can start to look bad, and you need to loosen the fibers to keep the rug looking its best.

You can use a soft bristle brush and an upward sweeping motion to help puff up the area rug fibers. This technique should be used about once per month to make your area rug last as long as it should.

Should you need professional help with your commercial carpet cleaning, you can contact us online. Or, call us at (703) 995-5099. We can give you a free quote, or consultation about your cleaning needs. Visit us on Youtube to see more of our services as well!

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