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Area Rug Cleaning 101- How To Deal With Stubborn Stains

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Know the best area rug cleaning tips from experts. General rug cleaning tips and stain removal process that’ll keep your area rugs looking great.

No doubt, your area rugs add warmth and beauty to your home. But unexpected things happen, especially when you have pets in the house. They can mess with the integrity of your area rugs. Stains from their urine and feces are a pain in your back.

We like to help you with this by sharing our knowledge in area rug cleaning. Our expert cleaners at Shiny Carpet Cleaning love to see you tackle these rug stains right away. The sooner you clean them, the easier it is. Learn more here, and for your questions, comment down at the end of the article.

What will you need?

For cleaning area rug at home, you’ll need the following equipment and tools.

  • A carpet brush or old toothbrush
  • A vacuum cleaner for removing debris and dust on your area rugs and carpet
  • Cotton balls or cloth for blotting stains and spills
  • Neutral dishwashing liquid soap
  • Carpet stain remover. This can be commercial or you can make one at home using materials in your kitchen.
  • Garden hose and water

General Area Rug Cleaning Tips

There are different treatments for every kind of rug fabric. And the size of your area rug also matters on the cleaning process you’ll be doing. But let’s first have the basic cleaning tips you can do for all kinds of area rugs.

Vacuum both sides of your rug

Removing the large debris of dirt and grime on your area rug is vital. This helps preserve its integrity and appearance. Just like carpets, you can vacuum both sides to remove those large piles of dust and dirt.

If there are fringes, don’t vacuum them, otherwise, it gets tangled inside your vacuum. When vacuuming a shag rug, we advise that you turn off the beater bar. This prevents the tangling of any loose long fibers on your area rug.

Use a lint roller for removing pet danders

Vacuuming can work on removing pet hairs, yet using a lint roller works best. You can do this after vacuuming so that there’ll be less work done. You can also use your old toothbrush for taking off those furs on your rugs.

Rotate your area rugs once a year

How many rugs do you have at home? Not all rugs and carpets receive the same level of foot traffic, right? It could be that more people are roaming in the kitchen than in the living room, right?

To get an even wear and tear on your area rugs, switch their places once a year. That way, you even get stress on all area rugs in the house.

Shake it off 

This applies to small area rugs. You can take them outside your house and slowly shake it off. That way, you can remove the dust and pet hairs on the fabric.

Cleaning braided or woven area rugs

Before cleaning your braided rugs, read the instructions if they are washable. Next, you’d have to check for any loose fiber strings on the edges. If you find some, cut them off to prevent tangling during washing.

If your small woven rugs are washable, then place them inside a laundry bag or pillowcase. Use cool water in washing them. After, use low setting tumble dry mode on your washing machine.

For washing large braided area rugs, you can place them on the floor with a blanket underneath them. Use a sponge and dishwashing soap solution for scrubbing them. Do for both sides, and then, rinse with cool water. You can also use a wet vacuum to absorb the majority of water to assist in drying.

Cleaning Oriental and Persian Area Rugs

These area rugs are the go-to choice for kitchens and living rooms. Their designs add warmth and coziness to the space. But they are challenging to clean, so take care of them patiently.

For vacuuming them, you can place a nylon mesh on top to protect them from the vacuum. To keep the nylon mesh in place, you can put some books at the corners of your area rug. By doing this, you can vacuum your Oriental or Persian rugs without pulling out several fibers.

Our area rug cleaning service knows the best practices for washing and drying handmade Oriental and Persian rugs. If you have some questions, feel free to contact us.

Cleaning rugs made of natural fibers 

Are your area rugs made from sisal, coir, or grass fabrics? If yes, then here are some tips to help you with area rug carpet cleaning for these natural fibers.

  • Daily vacuuming on both sides. This is necessary since natural fibers are good at absorbing dirt and dust.
  • Place plastic underneath the area rug before scrubbing or washing them.
  • Blot stains with a paper towel or white cloth to see if the stains are absorbed or not.
  • Use dishwashing soap solution for washing and rinse that with clean water afterward.

Cleaning Area Rugs Made of Sheepskin and Hides 

Use unscented talcum powder and spread that over your area rugs. Let it sit there for a few hours. Afterward, vacuum it. If there are stains, blot them. Never spread them or else it will spread over the fabric.

We have a systematic process for our area rug cleaning services. Our cleaners are trained and equipped with the right tools and materials for cleaning area rugs made of different materials. The tips mentioned above are some of the things we do for rug and carpet cleaning.

Average Cost of Area Rug Cleaning

The usual area rug cleaning cost is $150 to $600 for an 8×10 feet rug. For smaller area rugs and carpets, it costs around $60 to $300. If we go per square foot, the price is between $3 to $8.

Need Professional Rug Cleaning Service?

Shiny Carpet Cleaning is your trusted rug and carpet cleaning service to call for removing stubborn stains. We are experts with years of experience in residential and commercial cleaning services. Our strength is in carpet and rug cleaning.

We hope you had a great time reading the article. If you have some questions or suggestions, feel free to reach out. We will answer them within 24 hours or earlier.

You can also share this article with your friends and family who might need them.

We have complete equipment for cleaning all things inside a house and apartment. You can also request a free estimate here.

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