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Top 8 Ultimate Apartment Cleaning Checklist You Need To Know

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If you want to do some apartment cleaning, one of the greatest tricks you can use to make it easier and more efficient is to use an apartment cleaning checklist. All the great apartment cleaners out there have a checklist handy that keeps their apartment cleaning on track.

This article will supply you with an apartment cleaning checklist that our professional apartment cleaning service uses. Each item on the checklist also comes with apartment cleaning tips that will make your cleaning look outstanding.

These apartment maintenance tips will direct you to clean your apartment in a professional manner. These apartment cleaning tips come from the training manual for our apartment cleaning service, so you know they have been developed by the best.

How To Clean Your Apartment: Start From The Top

When you want to do an efficient apartment cleaning, the place you start is at the top of all of the rooms. Find the highest point of the room you want to clean, possibly the ceiling, possibly the top drawer of a cabinet, figure out how high you want to get and start there.

When you clean a high place, you are likely to kick some dust down to lower parts of the room. If you started lower, you would be kicking the dust onto the areas you just cleaned!

Starting low means twice to work than if you start high and make your way down. Cleaning efficiently is all about considering your game-plan, and then executing it with precision so you have to start with the highest place you are going to clean.

Clear All Surfaces Of Clutter

Most of us have a tendency to leave the items we pick up during the day on tables, chairs, dressers, countertops and windowsills. It might be receipts, pieces of candy, cards from the bank, board games, cups, or cell phones.

Take everything that has landed on a flat surface and put it in a place that you will be able to remember so that if you need the item you can find it. Put it out of sight, such as putting your dishes into the sink and washing them.

Getting all that clutter put away will make your mind more capable of resting and feeling peaceful in your home. That is important to help you focus and improve your concentration throughout the day and the whole week as well.

Vacuum Furniture

If you’ve got upholstered furniture in your apartment, you really gotta have a vacuum as part of your cleaning arsenal. It is a great time to be a vacuum shopper, because some amazing models have come out that are cordless and super small to fit in any size apartment. 

Dust that collects on your furniture makes its way into the fibers over time, there is just no practical way to stop it from making its way in. A vacuum lifts most of those particles out of fabric to help your furniture last a lot longer in a nearly pristine state.

When dust makes its way past the fibers it acts as an abrasive and rubs tiny particles of the fabric away from the strands. Over time, your furniture will start to look fuzzy as the fibers fray apart if you don’t vacuum as part of your apartment cleaning routine.

Clean Kitchen Sink and Countertops

The kitchen sink and countertops get messy over the week and can start to grow bacteria before you know it. Make these areas a priority with every apartment cleaning session to keep your food safe.

You can use a sponge or rag with some diluted bleach on it to wipe everything down and prevent any bacteria from taking hold. Bleach kills almost any bacteria or virus and then evaporates harmlessly.

Clean Toilet

Cleaning the toilet is something that almost no one wants to do, but it has to be done to keep your body clean and healthy. Wear gloves, a face mask and a face shield to make yourself feel secure when you clean the toilet.

Use a damp piece of clean toilet paper to wipe down the entire dry surface of the toilet. Once everything is wiped, just throw that hunk of toilet paper in the toilet water and wash it down and stop thinking about it for a bit.

Wash Surfaces With a Damp Rag

All horizontal surfaces in your apartment will have dust on them, and simply wiping them with a damp cloth will eliminate a lot of it. If you leave dust on your surfaces, it will easily get brushed into the air by breezes, other people and pets.

Once dust is in the air it floats for a while and can easily enter your mouth, nose, throat and even lungs. This dust can make you feel tired and unfocused, or worse and you need to clean as much of it off of your horizontal surfaces as you can.

Change Bed Sheets

It is best to change your bedsheets every week as part of your apartment cleaning routine. If you don’t, skin cells that come off in your sleep soil into the sheets and they will not last as long.

Your bed sheets may not look too dirty after a week, but the truth is that a lot of the skin cells that come off of your body are clear. This means you just can’t see all of the dead skin that comes off of you and they make a perfect food for mites.

Clean The Floors

Vacuum all of your carpets and sweep and mop hard floors as part of your apartment cleaning routine. Cleaning the floors should be the last step of your cleaning day and you can feel happy to get done with this item on the checklist. 

A helpful tip is to clean your feet if you are mopping, as each of us tends to accidentally leave something important on the other side of the floor we just mopped. If you walk on a freshly mopped floor with dirty bare feet, you will leave little foot tracks on your freshly cleaned floor and have to mop again.

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