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5 Tips for Steam Cleaning Carpets Aldie, VA

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One chore you might need to take on at some point in your life is to do carpet cleaning in Aldie, VA. Steam cleaning carpets in Aldie, VA is the go to method for many people because it is good for lifting out dirt and killing bacteria in the carpet fibers.

Cleaning carpets can make your home look much better and you can keep your carpet in place instead of spending a large sum on new carpets. Some people opt for professional carpet cleaning in Aldie, VA to make sure the job turns out right and to avoid doing a lot of boring work.

In this article the experts from our carpet cleaning company in Aldie, VA will share their most helpful carpet cleaning tips. We are known as the best carpet cleaning company in the area, and these tips will save you a lot of time and effort.

Clean Like A Carpet Cleaning Service From Aldie, VA

You won’t be able to match the skills of the pros, but you can get pretty close if you use the right tools and put in time and effort. Some of the tools and equipment items you will need to do an almost professional job of cleaning your carpets are:
• Steam Cleaner- These can be rented from stores around the area, they should come with instructions and all of the equipment you need to clean your carpets.
• Gloves- Steam cleaning can be rough on your hands, so you want to have some protective gloves available.
• Vacuum- You need to be able to suck up dry debris first, and then do another vacuuming after your carpet has dried.
• Carpet Shampoo- Having a high quality carpet shampoo gets all of the oil out of your carpet.
• Pre-Spray- You can treat areas with high traffic before you do your steam cleaning.

After you have gathered all of your tools you need to set aside an entire day to do your carpet cleaning. You also need to have enough time for your carpet to dry completely, so don’t schedule to have guests over for a few days after you want to steam clean your carpets.

It takes a bit of preparation to do an excellent job of steam cleaning your carpets, but when you put in the extra efforts your results turn out much better. You might feel like it isn’t worth it to do all this stuff, but in the end it makes a huge difference.

Start By Vacuuming Thoroughly

Of course, the very first thing you need to do is get all of the furniture out of the room that you want to do steam cleaning in. That will give you the freedom to move around and get all of the carpet as clean as possible.

You want to vacuum the carpet in a pattern so that you can remember where you have vacuumed and where you still need to go. Be careful as you pass every inch of your carpet and watch for areas that may need more attention.

Around the edges of the carpet you should use the vacuum hose and the trim tool to get all of the dust out of the corners and from near the floor. This way you won’t accidentally kick up some dust and get your carpets dirty after you clean them.

Use A Pre Spray

The pre-steaming spray should go onto high traffic areas and anywhere that there are stains in your carpet that you hope to remove. The spray works its way into carpet fibers, restoring them and lifting away dirt, debris and stains.

It needs to sit on your carpet for half an hour to one hour to work its wonders and make your carpet ready for the steamer. After it has been sitting, you can wipe it up with a clean, soft rag, being careful not to get any of it on your skin.

Inspect the spots you have pre-sprayed, they should look cleaner and like they are ready to be steamed. If they still look a bit bad, you can spray them again to ensure that your steam cleaning will have the maximum effect.

Steam Cleaning Time

Follow the instructions on your steam cleaning machine, any deviation you make could be dangerous or ruin your carpet. With most carpet steam cleaners, you want to pass slowly over the carpet with the want and let the steam penetrate and then be lifted up by the machine.

You need to find a good rhythm that is going slow enough for the steam to do its job, but fast enough that you are not over soaking the carpet. Over soaking is a terrible mistake, and it could lead to your carpet not drying fast enough and allowing mold to grow.

You should be able to see your carpet looking fresher and new after you pass over it with the steam cleaner. You might not have time to go back and steam clean a second time, so it is important to get it right on the first pass.

Drying And FInal Vacuuming

Once you have gone over the entire carpet with the steam cleaner, you need to give it time to dry out. Hopefully you have a hot and dry day to clean your carpets, because then it will dry well on its own when humidity is low, temperatures are warm and there is a breeze.

If you steam clean on a cold or humid day, you might need to bring in some fans to make the drying faster. You could also turn on your air conditioner or heater to dry the air or warm it up and let the carpet dry faster.

The carpet could need a whole night to dry, and then you want to give it another vacuuming to get up any bit of debris that the steam cleaner missed. Then it is time to move your furniture back in and start enjoying your fresh and clean carpet.

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