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10 Ways to Reduce Water Damage

Water Restoration Service

If your area is prone to heavy rainfall and hurricane, then you must be very anxious when it starts to pour down. In this read, we are sharing simple home water damage restoration tips on how you can avoid the horrible frustrations from water damage.

Meanwhile, your last resort when the water has completely seeped through your roofs and basement is hiring a local water restoration service near you. Luckily, you can contact us Shiny Carpet Cleaning as we are one of the authorities in this field.

Without any delay, let’s start!

1. Periodically Monitor Water Pressure

Water pressure is critical when we talk about leakage and flow rate, so you can buy a standard water pressure meter in stores for this matter. Periodically, you need to observe if your water pipes are on the safe water pressure level.

It is to prevent any excess force which can destroy your pipes’ connectivity and walls. Further, it is part of our water mitigation services to perform this task, so we can assure your water pipes will not suffer from sudden leaking.

2. When there’s a leak, Fix It Today

If you see a small leaking on your plumbing, never get tempted of applying temporary repairs, as the water pressure can make this worse. Be sure to repair them immediately when you see one to prevent making the hole bigger which can flood your kitchen, bathroom, and basement.

3. Proper Elevation for Your Yard Drainage

Meanwhile, the correct elevation of your yard’s drainage is commonly overlooked by most homeowners which contribute to the volume of water seeping through your basement.

Fortunately, we have well-trained and experienced personnel in our water damage restoration service who has great hands-on in this field. We shall examine the soil quality and layers in your yard, so we can better plan for your yard’s drainage system.

4. Have Some Vegetation, Bushes, or Trees in Your Yard

Once you have settled the drainage system in your yard, another way of enhancing water control will be planting some bushes, trees, and other plants. The root structure of your plants helps absorb rainwater efficiently while holding your soil.

Moreover, when you plant vegetations that can be used for cooking, you can save money while preventing floods in your yard.

5. Periodic Cleaning of Your Gutters & Downspouts

Besides your yard’s drainage, another overlooked factors are your gutters and downspouts. How often do you check and clean them? Technically, a clogged gutter or downspout will cause water to pour down at the side of your house or overflow on your grounds.

In line, we include cleaning gutters and downspouts in our water damage mitigation solutions for the locals. It is a practical and simple way you can adapt to your water damage prevention plan.

6. Never Leave Your Water Hose Connected to the Water Line

Water changes its state as the season changes. During winter, the water inside your garden hose will freeze, and then expand as the warmer season kicks in. Eventually, this will cause an expansion in your hose which can break it, and lead to water overflow.

To avoid paying expensive water damage restoration costs, you need to keep your hose inside your house before the winter starts. Nonetheless, our water restoration solutions will be your last resort for any water damages.

7. Check Your Roof for Holes and Leakage

For those living in areas that are prone to hurricanes, checking your roofs and attic for holes is important to avoid rainwater flooding inside your house. Moreover, a small hole in your roof when left un-repaired can worsen as rainwater causes its material to degrade and weaken.

Therefore, take the time to conduct a thorough inspection of the upper structure of your house, before a typhoon strike in your area.

8. Secure A Sump Pump

Meanwhile, it is also wise to invest in a sump pump for worse case scenarios, or when floodwater can inevitably seep inside your home. In line, you need to periodically check and maintain your sump pump before using it, to avoid further cost on repairs.

9. Inspect Your Dishwasher, Sink, and Bathroom

Besides your roof, gutters, downspouts, and yard drainage, you also need to check the water pipes of those appliances and sections in your house which uses water. Some good examples include your dishwasher, washing machine, sinks, tub, and toilet.

Upon seeing any small leaks, be sure to repair it immediately, to avoid making the leakage bigger. With that, you are saving yourself from the frustration of water damage and the cost of water damage restoration solutions.

10. Monitor Your Water Bill for Sudden Increase

Besides the visible water coming out from your plumbing system, observing your water bill is another telltale for water leakage. When you see that there is a strange rise in your water billing, it is time you call professionals to inspect the water plumbing works and drainage system inside your house.

All our technicians are duly licensed, trained, and bonded to perform all sorts of water damage restoration and prevention services in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC.

If you need our service, do not hesitate to call us.

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