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Frequently Asked Questions

Daily spring cleaning of your Oriental and Middle-Eastern carpets and rugs can remove the light layers of dust and grime on the surface. You can use your existing household cleaning solutions to do this, yet it cannot deep clean your heavily soiled carpets.


If you like to have your lucrative Persian and handmade carpets thoroughly cleaned, then hiring a professional carpet cleaning service is the best choice. Shiny Carpet Cleaning has extensive years of experience both for professional house cleaning service and carpet cleaning.


If you need to make an appointment or ask for a free quote, simply call our hotline today.

For those newcomers of hiring a professional for their carpet cleaning, we will give you a simple explanation about it. These local cleaning services use industrial-rated cleaning equipment, cleaning solutions, and disinfectants to deeply remove stubborn dirt, stains, and kill infectious pathogens in your fabrics.


Shiny Carpet Cleaning is one of the industry-leading professional commercial cleaning services in Springfield and Washington DC Metro Area. We only use professional cleaning supplies to effectively remove deep-seated stains, bacteria, and viruses at the bottom layer of your rugs and carpets.


Once you call our hotline, we are going to book your appointments as soon as possible. Before cleaning your luxurious carpets, our seasoned cleaners will inspect the stains and conditions of your carpets. If there are any damages on the fabric, we are going to repair it before carpet steam cleaning.


Shiny Carpet Cleaning also offers professional carpet cleaning for apartments at a fair price. We employ a variety of methods for cleaning your carpets so that we can efficiently restore its elegance and cleanliness. Some of the best carpet cleaning methods we use in our service include bonnet cleaning, dry cleaning, shampooing, carpet steam cleaning, and encapsulation.


Among these carpet cleaning processes, carpet steam cleaning is the best choice for heavily soiled carpets. In this process, we are going to pre-condition your carpets so that the stains and grime are softened.


After, we are going to use pressurized (1000 PSI) hot water (220F) to efficiently dissolve all spots, pet accidents, and dust from the surface down to the bottom layer. We also use a counter-rotating brush to facilitate agitation of the fibers. Rinsing with clean water is followed after.


A professional carpet cleaning service like Shiny Carpet Cleaning will always do a final inspection after the cleaning process. This is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Moreover, we also offer additional services to improve the cleanliness and appearance of your carpets and rugs.


Our licensed and bonded cleaners abide by the cleaning protocols recommended by the CDC. We are doing this to guarantee the sanitation and disinfection of your carpets. This is highly important to prevent the infectious disease from sprawling in your space and contaminating your indoor air.

As a professional cleaning service, we use updated tools and equipment for our tasks. For our carpet cleaning processes, the common equipment we use includes portable carpet extractors, truck mounts, hoses, wands, stair tools, counter-rotating brush, rotary extractors, air movers, and dehumidifiers.


Our cleaning professionals are well-versed in using this equipment for cleaning all types of carpets, upholstery, and rugs. We also care for the safety of the environment, your pets, and children, so we only use EPA-approved cleaning solutions and disinfectants.


This ensures we provide eco-friendly carpet cleaning practices that will never leave any harmful residues on the fabric. Likewise, all these cleaning agents are safe for color and non-color fast carpets and upholstery.


For effective removal of pet accidents, we use enzyme-based pet stain and odor removers. These cleaning solutions are free of chlorine and strong scents, so you can enjoy all-natural methods of restoring the beauty and sanitation of your carpets.


If you are still looking for a professional carpet cleaner in Springfield VA, you can rely on us Shiny Carpet Cleaning.

Price and quality is an endless concern for consumers when they are availing cleaning services. Aside from that, you can also consider other things when you try to gauge the benefits and setbacks of availing professional carpet cleaning services.


When you avail our intensive carpet cleaning service, you are going to experience the following benefits:

    • Deep-cleaning performance until the bottom layer of the carpet
    • Effective removal of pet stains, pet danders, and nasty smell from pet accidents
    • Removal of organic stains, inks, coffee, and water damage
    • Treatment and disinfection of fleas and ticks on carpets
    • Saves time and energy for DIY carpet cleaning
    • Years of experience and industrial-grade cleaning equipment
    • Eco-friendly and EPA-approved cleaning solutions and disinfectants


Our seasoned cleaners are trained regularly with the best cleaning protocols recommended by CDC in preventing infectious diseases in your homes and offices. Shiny Carpet Cleaning is your trusted partner in keeping your space and carpets free from germs and stains.

Professional carpet cleaning cost will always vary depending on the service provider you hire. Likewise, many variables are influencing professional cleaning service costs such as area, number of cleaners, additional services, and location.


The estimated cost for carpet cleaning is between $25 to $75 per room, with a national average of $51. The type of carpet cleaning method will also affect cost. For dry carpet cleaning, the estimated price is $460, while $360 for carpet steam cleaning.


If you plan to have your entire house cleaned, then the estimated professional house cleaning cost can start at $500. Meanwhile, the approximate professional cleaning cost per hour is around $25 to $90 per hour for one cleaning staff.


If you like to get a free estimate for your local carpet cleaning service, simply make a short call today.

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