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Benefits of Professional Upholstery Cleaning

upholstery cleaning

You invested in your sophisticated upholstery and leather furniture because it is stunningly great and comfortable to use. It can be made from various fabrics that require a specific cleaning approach to ensure it doesn’t get damaged throughout the cleaning process.

Therefore, you need to have the right knowledge and tool to safely clean your upholstered furniture, otherwise, call for your nearby upholstery cleaning service. With that, you can browse online or ask for referrals from your neighbors to find a reputable cleaning company like Shiny Carpet Cleaning.

In line, here are the best benefits you can enjoy by availing of our professional assistance for your upholstery cleaning requirements.

#1 A Crisp and Clean Air Inside Your Home and Office

Whether you have a large sofa, ottoman, or loveseat, these upholsteries have fibrous materials that seamlessly absorb pollens, pet hairs, soils, dust, and other air pollutants inside your space. 

These foreign particles are hard to remove with your daily dose of cleaning, the main reason why we have upgraded our cleaning approach. With our powerful cleaning machines and gentle solutions, all these foreign debris will be efficiently stirred and removed from your upholsteries. 

Further, we only use mild and eco-friendly cleaning solutions for removing pet accidents, inks, and other stains present in your couches and furniture.

Our upholstery steam cleaning process is the best around town because it effectively removes 90% of soils and grime in your upholstered furniture. The pressurized hot water and counter rotary brush are our main tools for this process.

With that, all those pet danders and allergens are gone, thereby making your indoor air cleaner, which keeps your family and workers away from sickness.

#2 Cost-Efficiently Extending The Life of Your Upholstered Furniture

Just like your clothes and shoes, when you periodically keep it clean, you have a higher chance of making it last longer. The same concept goes with your upholstery and furniture. With that, you can either have a weekly, monthly, or annual appointment from your reliable cleaning company.

The pet danders, soils, allergens, molds, and stains present in those delicate fabrics hastens the decay and aging of your lovely sofas and ottoman. When left there for a couple of weeks, it gradually degrades the fabric construction of your upholstered furniture, until such time you need to buy another one.

With our affordable upholstery sofa cleaning service, you are having a cost-efficient manner of prolonging the useful life of your elegant and expensive upholsteries.

You can seamlessly ask for a free quote by filling out our request form. Otherwise, call our office today for inquiries and appointments.

#3 Restoring the Curb Appeal of Your Space

The dust, soils, body oils, and other allergens sticking on your upholstery dull out its color and appearance. When you leave it as it is for several weeks, the pile of dirt gets thicker and thicker. Therefore, the best way to restore its luxurious appeal will be giving your upholstered furniture a thorough cleaning process.

In line, we take pride in being one of the authorities when it comes to the best upholstery dry cleaning service. This is applicable if your furniture has the “S or Solvent” label on its washing instructions. Meanwhile, if it has the “W or Water” or “S/W” label, then we can apply the steam cleaning process to bring back its cleanliness and fresh smell.

With that, you are confident that Shiny Carpet Cleaning will give you a suitable cleaning regimen for your couches, ottomans, and loveseats. 

#4 Fresh Smell Inside Your Interior Space

How many times have you sat on your couch, eating your popcorn or Mac and cheese while watching your favorite movie? Food crumbs will inevitably fall off from your plate or food container, then it gets stuck on the sides of your couch. When left for days, there will be molds and ants all over your couch because it hasn’t been cleaned. 

Food debris, pet urine, feces, and danders are the main culprits why your upholstery stinks when left for several months uncleaned. With that, you will need professional assistance from your local cleaning company like Shiny Carpet Cleaning. 

We use industrial-grade vacuums, counter rotary brush, and truck mounts to effectively wash out and suck all those pollutants. Also, we always keep a systematic manner of doing our job, so all our work are done right for the first time.

#5 Best Cleaning Practices

Your upholstered and leather furniture is very delicate items that add beauty and value to your home and office. Technically, you need to be vigilant in using cleaning products when sanitizing or removing stains from your sofas and ottoman. 

If you don’t have enough knowledge and skills for this, it’s always safe to lean on professionals for they have the proper equipment, human resources, and cleaning products for sanitizing your furniture. 

At Shiny Carpet Cleaning, we always keep updated with the best cleaning practices for various fabrics used for making upholsteries. Our housemaids are annually trained with various cleaning machines, procedures, and product ideas with the new furniture out in the market.

Once we are done steam or dry cleaning your upholsteries, we are going to do a final inspection to ensure we never miss a stain. Likewise, we do minor repairs for some furniture damages as long as you inform us ahead of time.

Looking For Your Nearby Upholstery Cleaning Human Resources?

If you need professional treatment for your heavily stained upholstered furniture, you can count on us. To ask for our free estimate, just fill out our request form or give us a call.

Meanwhile, you can book an onsite inspection for a minimal service fee, which we can deduct from your overall billing. Don’t hesitate to call us for your free consultations or estimates today.

Get your free quote by calling us or check us at Twitter!

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